(Japanese: パンダ・デ・ラックセーヤ - Panda De Rakkuseeya)
ラックセーヤ (Roxea: A name that mixes Japanese and English mixed with a funny accent. In English it is pronounced as Rak-seh-ya)
TYPE: Mythloid
MODEL: Mythloid~ - (The "~" means they were once a fan-made vocaloid. In geomerty it means "similarity")
GENDER Female VOICE RANGE B2 to D#5 @ 80 to 160 BPM RELATED CHARACTERS Ubaki De Roxea (Father)
Arron Taiashi (Father)
Takoma Inora (Lover)
Mikai Kagemori (Fellow Mythloid)
Amai Higashine (Fellow Mythloid)
AGE 16' (physically), really around 6 years old GENRE None HOMEPAGE SDRloid
WEIGHT 110 lbs (50 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Stuffed Panda Plushie (The animal, not herself) CREATOR Aloof
BIRTHDAY April 10th, (no birth year, presumably 2009) LIKES Nice people, animals, sweets, cooking,singing MEDIA LIST NICO NICO DOUGA, YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE UNKNOWN DISLIKES Mean people, rude people, bitter foods SIGNATURE SONG Folder

PERSONALITY: Panda does not speak. She is kind and thoughtful, but often over-reacts to small things. She loves to take care of stressful things and have no one worry. She over-exerts herself to please others. She hates being affiliated with Teto because of her hair, even though she loves to sing with her. She thinks of herself as a caretaker, even if she cannot handle the job. She does not like to ask for help, she does not often cry. But, she does blush a often.

Supplemental Information

Hair color:Brown
Headgear: None
Eye color: Yellow Amber
Earphones: None
Dress: Black, stapless, long, dangling sleeves, blue hemming
Nationality/Race: Roxean


Terms of Use

These are the rules set by SDR herself:

  1. Use for whatever
  2. No commerical use or use for profit with out SDR's written consent.
  3. Even with personallity set, you do NOT need to make the songs fit any of the SDRloids.
  4. No redisributing! If a translation is done (ex: romaji to Kana) contact SDR BEFORE putting up the link. However oto.ini files are okay due to the fact that SDR does not make them. The breaking of this rule will result the pulling of the UTAU's voice bank from the internet.
  5. No editing the profile of the the UTAU. This will result in a pull of the voice bank.
  6. No editing the design of the UTAU and calling it "offical", SDR is the only one who can make a offical design
  7. Some exeptions aplly, these rules can be broken with SDR's consent
  8. No use for drug-themed projects.

Voice Configuration

Panda's voicebank contains all the necessary sounds for Japanese singing and also enough for basic English. She has two voicebanks, one in romaji and one in hiragana for easy use of both English and Japanese users. She is currently on ACT I, but the voice actor promises better quality in the next acts. Her ACT I romaji voicebank can be downloaded here and her ACT I hiragana voice bank can be downloaded here. The password for the zip is sdrloid

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