From Mister Pancake "ayyy guess who made new utu

already oto'd too ayy just gotta re-frq the VB with resampler and he'll be good for release ay

baraloid tbh but ye"

and another quote from MisterPancakes soundcloud "ay heres pan

most I can say about him here is that he's a crybaby and bara and 18 and is in love with hi s brother and does s a spead tngi when

also full vcv with extra note stings for english ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy"

Section heading…77114544128/photo/1 is the image reference

talk to the creator of him via twitter, etc for more information

Also, sorry if this looks crappy (kinda was in a rush) will try and fix it/make it more legitable later on.

vb download :

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