(Japanese: パーン)

ALIAS: PAN; PAAN; Panis Angelicus; Pangel
- Combination of "Panis Angelicus(Bread Of Angels)"; A Gregorian chant.

- Greek god of the wild, shepherds and flocks, nature of mountain wilds, hunting and rustic music, and companion of the nymphs.

BANK: CV Extended Japanese



lanceLOTTE(Same Creator/Voicer)

fERRERO(Same Creator/Voicer)

ZETTΔ(Same Creator)

ピの木坊(Same Creator/Voicer)

Princess Tårta(Same Creator)

WEIGHT 70 kg CHARACTER ITEM Panharp (Panpipe & Harp Combination) CREATOR NaughtyPichu



RELEASE DATE None/Private Release(see below for details) DISLIKES UNKNOWN SIGNATURE SONG NONE

PERSONALITY: OPTIONAL/FOR RP PURPOSES: Once Upon a Time, the satyr Pan procreated angel, and that made PÄN. Like his species, PÄN has a bit of duality to his personality--his conflicting natures, per se.A lot depends on the demeanor of the person he is interacting with; people acting agressively towards him will most likely get a defensive attitude back from him(except for passive-agressiveness, he's not used to it so it often goes right over his head). Luckily, he is almost incapable of holding grudges--he is impulsive and his moods and whims are fleeting to say the least. Naturally, he has kind and receptive tendancies towards those who seem weak, wounded, or simply docile... it's usually a stab of regret the heart when someone he was harsh in return to reacts in a hurt manner, so you can really see how flippant PÄN is. It's not uncommon for him to daydream, but his true with is to spend time with the people he's around. He loves many kinds of people, though, even some he doesn't get along with sometimes. He wants to have many good friends, have fun with them, and protect them of course. PÄN doesn't care that much about material things, though they fascinate him at times like anyone else.

His heart goes out the most to the misunderstood and unusual; he is sympathetic because he feels he is this way as well, having been treated like a freak and shunned by both sides of his family. He gets upset and offended when someone refers to another as "weird". He almost always has the inclination to side with the underdog, and likes to make sure the uncommon side of an story or opinion is recognized to keep others from ignoring the easily unnoticed.

PÄN is quite suspicious of what humans(or the more humanoid utaus) think of him as well--he thinks he looks pretty strange to them because he has goat legs and what have you. Depending on his company, he'll prefer to use magic to take on the appearance of a human, where he lacks his satyr and seraphim appendages and his grey skin takes on a natural orange-tan hue.Since he spends a lot of time around humans these days, he maintains this form a lot, but it causes him to took tired most of the time with bags under his eyes.

When PÄN lives in the forest, he has a home with a tribe of fauns who more or less raised him. When obscuring his wings and such, PÄN was easily mistaken as being a faun, due to the similar goat features and his inheriting of his angel mother's innocent beauty rather than the nightmarish hideousness characteristic of satyrs that he had only heard his father had--not that PÄN didn't have eerie features of his own, however(see Supplemental Information.) PÄN became leader of the tribe for a while until he started living amoung the humans more, but he still goes back from time to time. PÄN greatly appreciates them because they accept him for the most part, and they are his family. He hunts with them, but ever since he made his panharp, he's been too lazy too carry around a bow or anything--one thing to carry is hard enough for him to remember--so he just barbarically beats the prey to death with his panharp; it's quite bloody, and blood excites him--one of his guilty secrets... the perverse nature of his satyr heritage creates many of these.

His favourite food is goat chops.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: His hair is thick, short and curly, platinum-coloured with pale orange firey tips that seem to be the ghosts of flickering flames, while his fur is mahogany brown.
Headgear: Two black goat horns, the right one circled by the golden halo sitting comfortably on his hair.
Eyes: He has the demonic blood red eyes from his demon heritage. His pupils dilate into slits like a snake or a cat. He often has bags under his eyes from fatigue of magic-overuse(see personality.)
Ears: Goat ears that can easily perk or droop; both have two teal/turquoise ring earrings each.
Dress/Outfit: Technically, none besides his head gear... he has the lower body of a goat(think of a faun), including a tail. His pelvis is decorated with a pierced heart design birthmark that blends into the mahogany of his fur, and he wears astrology symbol tattoes on his shoulders: the sun on his right and the moon on his left. He also has a catholic crucifix tattoed on his chest. All these tattoes are red. It is also notable that he has three pairs of angel wings on his back, and an slight demon's grey complexion. He also has pointed nails that are the same colour as his horns.
Others: He carries a hybrid instrument he forged himself as homage to his two origins: a panpipe/harp called a panharp. He is also conjures flames for defense, a power from his seraphim side.
Species: Half Seraphim ( Six-winged angel ) and half Satyr ( Demon with half the body of a goat ).

Voice Configuration

Current flag recommendation(in testing): F-15B0H0Y30



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