PAG.AW is a voicebank for the UTAU program.


PAG.AW was created in April 2019. They are not officially released, as they do not have a proper design aside from concept art. Their main voicebank is completed at it's core and free to download but going through refinements.

Their gender-appends, PAGNE and RENCE are expected to be officially released alongside PAG.AW around late 2019.


They are a young, sickly kid who is needlessly brash. They have a soft tone of voice but a harsh tongue. They are easily excited - though it may not show on their face - and is always ready to cause trouble.

They like collecting charms of any style. They also have a penchant for coding.

As PAGNE, they are a sweet, bubbly girl who doesn't hide what she feels.

As RENCE, they are a stubborn, clueless boy who runs his mouth.


  • PAG.AW - taken from the Filipino word "pagaw," which means hoarse.
  • PAGNE - full name "CHAMPAGNE," pronounced as pain.
  • RENCE - full name "LAWRENCE.”


  • Hair - Messy and unkempt other than the 3 hairpins that pull back his fringe. It is a dirty white colour that fades into a desaturated lilac.
  • Eye color - They have heterochromia, where their left eye is red and his right is blue.
  • Skin - Pale, full of bruises and scratches that are covered by band-aids. They also have freckles.
  • Outfit - They wear casual clothes like hoodies and jerseys with their school uniform under it. Both their gloves act as a control panel with the names of his appends, PAGNE and RENCE on them. (most likely subject to change)

Product Information

Product Information
  Genre: Pop  Range: F3 ~ A#4  Tempo: Unidentified
  Input: Kana encoded  Vowels: VCV  System: Microsoft Windows
Package details as noted:

Recorded in C4.

Voicebank sample

Additional information


  • The concept of PAG.AW was "an UTAU recorded while the voice provider had a sore throat."
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