Ouji-Sama (王子‐様) is a voicebank for the UTAU program.


In truth, nobody knows his real name besides his older sister, Michiko Toshiro. He only introduces himself as Ouji-Sama, and will only respond to Ouji-Sama.

Much like his sister, he's rude and narcissistic, but to a much greater extent. He thinks he is above the law and thinks he can do anything without consequences. Ouji-Sama, like his sister, is royalty to an extent. He uses this to his own advantage, forcing people to follow his orders. And though his sister inherits the crown, he seriously thinks he deserves it more.


He is a short boy with fair skin, brown hair and red eyes. He wears a purple costume crown with fur at the base. He wears a dark purple bowtie around his neck. He also dons a large purple coat with fur at the bottom of the sleeves and at the end of it. He wears a white shirt with ruffles and dark purple shorts. He has purple belts with bows hold up dark purple socks and wears purple and gold boots.


Inside Kura INC:

- Not much is known besides Michiko being his sister. It's safe to say he's "neutral" with everyone.

Outside Kura INC:

- He doesn't seem to have relations outside of Kura INC. It's safe to say he is "neutral" with everyone.


  • Much like his sister, his favorite food/character item is Raw Sea Urchin.
  • He is 5 inches shorter than Michiko.
  • His apparel is actually a Halloween costume but doesn't let anybody know that.
  • He adores cats and has a cat named Akiko who he spoils.
  • His creators describe him as a Kamidere.
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