An vcv
Otoshi An

(Japanese: 音死アン)

音死 (-Oto: "sound". -Shi: "death") . It means more to "deadly sound" than "sound of death". Her first VB has "a bit" screeching sounds/voices that could make ears bleed, or at least make those who listen to her voice, frown.
アン (An) represents indefinite article in English.
In short, her name means "a deadly sound".

TYPE: None




 Eleka Scatter (fellow singer in Sunspot Cycle)

Kamiyama Yugami-Yugao (playmates with An'ne)

Nakunakune Malheur (unknown)


 An: 16-21

 An'ne: 12

WEIGHT  47 kg


 aquamarine pendant-necklace

CREATOR   Alexanderite
HEIGHT  160 cm VOICE SOURCE  Alexanderite PICTURE LINK LIST  Ver.1, Ver.2
BIRTHDAY  30 December LIKES  sweets, wine, jokes, acoustic guitar-play MEDIA LIST




November 2011

DISLIKES  bitter coffee, too serious people, (sometimes) her own voice SIGNATURE SONG Reuploading


An is a cheerful person who likes to tell a joke even though sometimes her jokes could be dry and awkward. She is a bit lazy and easy to get bored.

As An'ne, she is a bright girl who loves to show her cute smile and play around.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Red

Eye color: Red (same as her hair)

Ver.1: Black outfit with red and some panels, unmatched shoes.
Ver.2: Blue jacket with hoodie, red-purple high-knee socks, purple boots.
An'ne: Warm-pastel coloured dress with patterns.

Nationality: Japanesia

Blood Type: AB

Cause of Death: Killed by the creator.

Fun Facts

  • An sometimes is depressed with her own voice when she sings.
  • She loves wines but cannot really stand beer.
  • She actually wears contact lenses.
  • In her first VB, she is 21 years old.
  • An'ne who acts as An's younger self is 12 years old.
  • An'ne has cute voice that can make her own creator squeal, but also can be annoying sometimes.
  • An never takes off her necklace.
  • She adores Kagamine Len and Hatsune Miku.
  • Her giggle is funny to listen.
  • ....she often falls asleep when bathing in warm water.
  • ............ettou.... she likes to take a glance at Matsudappoiyo when she has the chance

Voice Configuration

The current(newest/Ver.2) voicebank (CV) has the newest fixed oto.ini and has capabilities to read both Romaji and Hiragana USTs (Kana encoded with Romaji alias).

Otoshi An VB can be downloaded here
Otoshi An.Ver1 (No longer available)
Otoshi An.Ver1.5
Otoshi An.Ver2
Otoshi An VCV

oto.ini update (currently only for Ver2):
Otoshi An.Ver2 VB's oto.ini will be updated if there is a significant change in her voice configuration. The number after "An" is the date of its update (DDMMYY format). User who downloaded An's VB before the date of update should download the newest oto.ini file. This update below may only contains "oto.ini", "readme", "", "$read", and possibly new sounds files.
.::. An311212
.::. An120313

Otoshi An.Ver1's voice data is only written in Kana without Romaji alias. It is harder to use than Ver2. She is only capable to sing in Japanese.

Otoshi An.Ver1.5's voice data is written in Kana with Romaji alias. It is stronger than Ver2 however scratchier; softer and smoother than Ver1; and provided with "breath", "lalilulelo", "ngangingungengo", and "vavivuvevo" samples. She is only capable to sing in Japanese.

Otoshi An.Ver2's voice data is written in Kana with Romaji alias. It is smoother and softer than Ver1.5 however has more glitches, and not provided with "vavivuvevo" and "breath" samples. She is capable to sing in Japanese and Indonesian.
For singing in Bahasa Indonesia, it is recommended for users to check her voice list first. She has "~er", "~ng", "~E", "~ER" sounds which are specially created for singing in Bahasa Indonesia. For example, users are recommended to use "PER" sound for "permulaan" word instead of regular combinantion of "pe" and "ru" that are placed near each other to create "per" sound; and use "ING" and "in" sounds for "ingin" word instead of regular combination of "i" and "n".

VCV Voice Bank is softer than Ver2 however has more glitches. Oto will always have an update at least once in two months.

An has no genderbend / genderpitch voice (male voice that usually comes from g+ flag). She only has younger-age voice when users use flag g-15, in this voice An will act as An'ne.

Usage Clause / Terms and Conditions

  1. Users comply with UTAU Usage Policy.
  2. Users cannot claim to own this character or the voicebank itself.
  3. Users must not use this character for commercial purpose without permission.
  4. Users must not violate any right of third person/party by using this character.
  5. Users should not use this character in the way of remarkably ruining the image of this character.
  6. Users must not use this character to slander or insult other person/party, or in the way of being offensive to public order and morals.
  7. Political expression is forbidden!
  8. Users are allowed to modify the oto.ini but for improvement purposes.
  9. Users must not rename, edit, or/and pitch voice samples in purpose to be claimed as users' own.

Song List

find some here

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