Name: Ori Asta
Ori Asta

Age: 18 years old

Height: 1,90 m

Weight: 67 Kg

Birthday: February 21th

Hair Color: Blonde with blue tips

Eyes Color: Violet/Dark blue

Species: Star demon

Family: Sole Asta (sister), Klona Asta (sister) and Luna Asta (sister)

'Personality': Ori is a very sweet demon who doesn't like to hurt the others and simply loves to help them. Even so he isn't the talkative type, often staying quiet and just helping out silently, a bit shy. Being the only guy in a family of three sisters, he grew to be a bit girly over somethings, but gets really bothered when someone points that out. Sometimes he gets grossed out about Luna's sister complex, but he loves her even if she dislikes him and his nice behavior towards Sole even though he is like that with everyone.

Likes: Family, stars (Mainly the Orion constelation), talkative people and listening

Dislikes: How Luna has a sister complex, being called girly because of his behavior, chocolate and getting tired

Item: Star necklace

Voice Resource: Yayamiho-chan

Voice Range: TBA

Language: Single (Japanese)

Songs Site:

Voicebank Download (CV): TBA

Covered songs:

- The Butterfly, Flower And Spider

- Promise (Geddan)