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(Japanese: 水雨音オチ - みずあめねおち - Mizuamene Ochi)

水雨音 (Raining water sound) - Because she loves water and storm.
オチ (Ochi) - Taken from author's internet name; also from 落ち (Ochi) means fall

MODEL: N-56 - "N" is from the first letter of the author's name , "56" is author's lucky number; a same number with Ochi's Height and Weight. Imprinted on her left leg.

Daikoru (Partner, Pet)

Tena Araine (Compatriot)

Ai Hiko (First Duet, Sister figure)

Omo Milenna (Closest friend, somewhat sister figure)

Midori Nashine (Close friend)

AGE 15 GENRE Any HOMEPAGE Mizuamene Ochi's Blog
WEIGHT 123 lbs (56 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Mango (Her favorite food), Bamboo Bazooka or Bunggo (Her special weapon) CREATOR rengeko


HEIGHT 5'3" feet (156 cm) VOICE SOURCE rengeko PICTURE LINK LIST Concept Art, Deviant Art, Pixiv, Piapro, Photobucket
BIRTHDAY '19 August 2010 LIKES Mango, swimming, storm, rain, marine animal, sweet food


Youtube, Nico Nico Douga

19 August 2010 (Act.1)

7 February 2011 (Act.2)

DISLIKES Dresses, being alone for a long time, summer, salty food SIGNATURE SONG NONE
PERSONALITY: Extroverted. Loves to be arround people. Very energic, cheerful, always to give smile to the others. That's why she wants to be an idol one day. She loves to sing near the water. Sometimes her temper may cause a huge storm.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Dark blue
Eye color: Light green
Pants: Light purple cloth pants.
Shoes: Black shoes; glow blue light.
Dress: Light blue jacket-like, wear blue belt on her waist.
Nationality/Race: Indonesian-Japanese
Favorite Phrase: あいぇ! (Aye!) Usually she say this when happy or on hyper mode

Fun facts

  • She loves rain. Every time it rains she always goes out to play in the rain.
  • She doesn't care about her height, but she gets really mad if someone say she is fat or too heavy
  • She is also sensitive with other people who her feels that person is talk something bad about her
  • She is left-handed
  • Good at Math or other complex problem solving
  • Very talk active and caring person
  • Love ocean and storm also marine animals

Voice Configuration

Mizuamene Ochi Act 2.2 download [[1]]

Usage Clause

  • DO NOT redistribute her voicebank WITHOUT author's permission
  • DO NOT make her sing that sexual/hardcore/bad meaning/religion themed. The authors doesn't like those kind of song
  • DO NOT take or steal her voicebank and design
  • Avoid any mary-sues
  • Voicebank are free. Not for sell.
  • Feel free to use her, as long as it follows UTAU rules of usage

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