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I hope so

Nozomi Hibiku (響き希望) is a voicebank being created for the UTAU and UTAU Synth engine. She will be released in the future.



Hibiku (かし) means "echo" and Nozomi (うた) means "hope". She was a BOUCALOID fanloid in the past; a fanmade or fan character to a real VOCALOID.


Currently, she has black eyes and hair and wears either a school uniform or a simple black dress. In her 2018 design, she wears a black headset with some of her hair pulled back. She wears a black and red jacket with blue jeans and ankle boots. She has an alternate outfit as well for a V4x design and has orange eyes.


A high schooler who wants to sing like her idol Uta Utane. She is antisocial and shows signs of being an insecure and shy otaku. As she gets older, she is sociable, communicative, and ready for fun, with a tendency to suddenly get serious, thoughtful, and restless. She listens to various types of music and was created to rebel against most Vocaloid types such as UTAU's, Fanloids, etc and is more of the rock and roll type of girl. She likes pickles, manga, and various genres of music but has an odd fear of jester hats and dislikes turnips.


Voice Configuration

Kashi was originally only Japanese or any language Defoko speaks. She is created by pitch manipulation and also edited to sound more clear. In the future, she will also be able to use English and have CV, and VCV voicebanks as well as appends.

Additional Information

Usage Clause

There originally was a usage clause planned but it is being recreated to avoid any infringement of other UTAU licenses.


  • Her original design was to look like a normal school girl.
  • She originally had a YouTube channel as well as a SoundCloud but this was deleted.



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