• Norykko Tsuruya's an UTAU and virtual host based on the concept of a yaoi mangaka and highschooler who's also a magical girl, being created in Spain by virtual youtuber NyokoNoUta. She currently has a VCV multilingual voicebank. She has a young and acute female voice and her debut was the 12th of July of 2018. 


Helpful, energetic, charming and with an eternal sweet smile, this social butterfly hides a great cunning that leads her to be very distrustful, vengeful and always in alert, sometimes even paranoid and never trusting in what seems too good to be true, but seeking to protect the innocence of those who still have it. When she loves someone or something, she does it excessively and forever. She's also extremely protective. She likes ballet, cheerleading, political life, drawing yaoi manga, samurais and lolita fashion, and hates fake and judging people, shonen and gore manga, being alone, being ruled instead of being a leader.

  • According to the voicebank's ReadMe.

Technical information

  • Languages: Japanese, English and Spanish. The Japanese VCV has extra phonemes to sing in other languages, along with samples with speaking, breathing, moaning...
  • Reclist: SpanishPandaHero
  • Extra sounds ideas: Kitsuyeo, MillyAqualine, Meta
  • Oto.ini: Cherry Miraine.
  • Aliases: hiragana and romaji.
  • Hiragana aliases: Cherry Miraine.

Official artwork

  • Norykko Tsuruya is supossed to have two official designs. The main one is the Magical Girl design, but she also has a cheerleader design.


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