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Lemon, despite what their name suggests, is a polite and sweet person. They're also a bit of an airhead, many jokes and innuendos going over their head. They are the older sibling of another Kura Inc UTAUloid named NEOkane, and much like their sister, they can be hot-headed at times.

Lemon's relations with Kura Inc are unknown, besides the fact that NEOkane is their sister. It is safe to say they are close friends with everybody.

Lemon's relation to the outside world is also unknown. It's safe to assume that Lemon is neutral to everyone outside of Kura Inc.


Lemon has fair skin with peach pink hair and eyes. They wear a large bow on the top of their head, the knot being a lemon and the rest being shaped like lemon slices. For their clothing, they wear a Lolita themed outfit. They wear a yellow long-sleeved blouse with a pale pink lemon printed dress on top of it. The lemon printed dress has an orange-yellow bow on the back. They wear knee-high socks and mary jane shoes that are of the same color scheme as the lemons on their dress.

You can see a small chart of all this on 130hp's twitter.


  • They are the only Kura Inc bank that 130hp recorded that's their normal singing voice
  • The unknown pronouns stem from 130hp not knowing if Lemon should be a girl, boy, both or neither. They decided to make them ambiguous. 130hp uses feminine and neutral pronouns for them.
  • Lemon's surname means "bitter sound". It's more of an ironic last name since if anything, their bank is sweet.
  • NEOkane and Lemon do not share the same surname
  • Lemon was created to be an exact opposite of NEOkane.
Product Information
  Genre: Almost any  Range: A3~D5  Tempo: N/A
  Input: Kana encoded and both Kana and Romaji aliased  Vowels: VCV  System: Microsoft Windows and Mac
Package details as noted:
  • They have a very smooth, high-quality bank
  • Great for newcomers
  • Using them comes with risks since they are very smooth. Minor tweaking is needed for them to not slur on some parts.
  • One pitch (D#4)
Downloads as noted: