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Armani-Chan and his Female Counterpart

Armani is Now Compatable with Most Resamplers, He has been tested.(the CV one only) for right now. He has now been oto'd by hand, and does not require Moresampler anymore. also, Please PM Me for editing permssions, otherwise, DO NOT EDIT THIS PAGE. I Worked Hard to Make this page and i wouldn't do that to any other members without their permission. ADMIN CAN DO WHATEVER WITH THIS PAGE. I am Planning to have this page Locked soon

Armani-Chan is Now Released. Normal Voicebank(CV). i am also Finished with the demo ACV Reclist, So Head On over to Use The Reclist(Though the ACV Reclist Will be Continuously Updated at least twice a month)

download here or go to site

For ACV Reclist(Here) go to :


for VCV Bank (Normalized with old Concept art- Go to the link down here)


for UTAUV1 Natural: Go here


Armani Chan(Codenamed V1 or UTAUV1), is a Multilingual UTAUloid Released for the UTAU platform, He was Planned for release in 2016 But is now Undergoing more Progression. He is Conceptly Related to Hatsune Miku, But shares Traits with Defoko, Tei and Miku because of the different Mic's used for his Voicebanks. His Voice Provider is Damani Williams(wdamtendo). Though the Voice Provider is not japanese, he is African American. the Concept art was made by Damani A. Williams, A student at a Illinois High school who is also a English and Japanese Voice Provider for UTAU.

This character Will Frequently appear in more songs related to the UTAU Platform. He has only one voicebank, But is the author's first voicebank. a english voicebank is in progress, and will be arpasing Encoded.

Different voice options feature different mics. List applies here

Whisper/Warm/Soft/Natural/Sweet Xtreme Bluetooth adapter/mic Attached to a Headset in which Uses a soft voice, or a quiet voice. Sound output is similar to Defoko's Voice but does NOT in any way Uses Aquestone.
EVEC Negative UDM-47 Electronic Microphone This mic is A Plug-in Mic. It features a good, Powerful Voice. Can also Be used for Multi-tone Voice. No Tuning is Used at all
Negative EVEC #02 UDM-47 Electronic Microphone (Version 2) CVVC,CV,VCV, or ACV(Wdamtendo's Format/reclist). ACV is A Method Wdamtendo Created. A reclist That is Compatable with the Negative Voicebank. it includes English Syllables Similar to CZ's List. CV, VCV, and CVVC will be later versions of the Negative Voicebank Platform. Includes 125 Samples, that is in ACV Platform. ACV Is the Opposite of the CV Reclist.


UDM-47 Electronic Microphone A Voicebank that uses the UDM-47 Microphone(My Best Working Microphone). Shouting is In this Voicebank Along with the ACV Reclist That is Used to Create this Voice Option. It Includes The a, Aba, and aya Syllables. Rest are CV Encoded
Arpasing Xtreme Bluetooth adapter/Mic OR UDM-47 Microphone English that uses the ''Arpasing Format. 4 versions of arpasing will Be released, Using these two microphones

Arpasing Whisper, Arpasing Negative, And Arpasing EVEC.

VCCV Arpasing(CZloid) Xtreme Bluetooth Adapter/Mic Or UDM-47 Microphone CZloid's Method of the Arpasing list. the Microphone, as Last stated, Doesn't Matter due to the Versions made

Armani is Very Determined to Sing, As A Show Choir Singer, He Commonly Is Always Busy. He works at A retail Gamestop in His hometown, Illinois. He is Into Fire Alarms, Likes Water, And Enjoys rain. He Loves Children and His Personality around Kids is awesome. He shows feelings for everyone, Has several Besties and Loves Doing Duets. He Mostly Sings with Ruby And Considers Her as '' His Bestie''.

Armani Is 16, For his age, He Looks Damn Cute!'' His Music Genre is Hip-Hop, R&B and Vocaloid. The Key He Works Best on is C2. Or a Little Higher.

He is Homosexual. Despite the Way He acts, It does not seem Like it. He is Explorative, and Has A Very, Caring Attitude

New Concept Art of Armani Normal. Now Codenamed ''UTAUV1.

Basic Png Version of Armani-Chan Normal