NEKO Hiyakune

(Japanese: ひやくねねこ- Hiyakune Neko)
ひやくね (Hiyakune; Hiyaku- Leaping Ne- Sound')
ねこ (Neko;
Cat) Cat with a leaping meow.
MODEL: LR(Left Right)




GENRE Pop,rock, ballad, elektronica HOMEPAGE NONE
WEIGHT 120 lbs (54.4 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Brussels Sprout Plant CREATOR [1]
HEIGHT / MEASUREMENTS 5'0 (152.2cm) VOICE SOURCE sharksandwaffles15 PICTURE LINK LIST [[], [[]
BIRTHDAY January, 1997 LIKES Cats, meat, sleep, gaming, vegetables MEDIA LIST []
RELEASE DATE September 24, 2012 DISLIKES running, mornings, annoying people, lots of water, bright sun SIGNATURE SONG '
PERSONALITY: She is usually annoyed, or appears that way, and she is very hard to gain trust from. She is happy though with her sister, Hiyakune Veda, who tends to please her. She is depressed most of the time and is quite powerful and violent at times. She was emotionally hurt, so she barely trusts anyone. She hates it when she is tickled, but loves massages and ears scratches. She also hates it when others touch her kitty ears. She is tsundere, and usually described as very masculine, but quite feminine in her appearance.

Supplemental Information

Appearance: Neko has red cat ears with black ends that are used as speakers of sort and they can be pushed back into her hair.

Hair color: Blood red with faint purple tips

Eye color: Hazel/Red (heterochromatic)

Earphones: Blue with black illumination

Dress: Sleeveless white dress shirt, black vest, Grey-blue pants, and red lace shoes

Nationality/Ethnicity: Indonesian, Italian, and Japanese

Voice Configuration

Neko's voicebank is Japanese with upcoming appends and English bank.

ACT 1: May be downloaded here:

Usage Clause

She may be used freely, but no promoting crime, religion, politics, etc. Free fan art may be distributed and used as well as mmd models, but don't pitch, edit, etc. her voicebank and rerelease it as your own.

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