音切れ ミツバチ- ねぎれ ミツバチ

"音”, meaning "sound" and "ぎれ(きれ ", meaning cutting, the combination actually translates to "pops and clicks", but was intended to mean "cutting sound". "ミツバチ", meaning "honey bee", plays at not only his light, kindhearted personality, but inspired his color scheme as well.


He is a teenage boy who has low confidence, but feels like who can do things if he puts his mind to it. He always likes to help people, so this can lead to him being a pushover at times, and even taken advantage of. Despite his high stress levels at times, he is usually extremely calm, and always optimistic. Even though he is usually nice, he has a sadistic side, and can also be described as "sassy" by some, and he can be very feminine at times.

Gender              Male Voice Range A1-D6 Related Characters Negire Hana- Sister
Age 16 Genre Unspecified Homepage -
Weight 135 lbs. Character Item Creator Anonymous62034 [here]
Height 5'7 Voice Source Anonymous62034 Picture Link List -
Birthday Dec. 29, 1996 Likes Trap Singing (even though he's not very good), singing, his phone, making people laugh, Powerscale UTAUs Media List YouTube, [[1]]
Release Date Dec. 29, 2012 Dislikes Stupidity, Disrespect, Sleeping late, Kale Signature Song -


Mitsubachi's ACT 1 was a CV bank, and then a VCV bank was created. This bank is still in production, as it is based off of Ritsu's Kire bank. This, as well as a CV ACT 2 bank are likely to be finished.

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