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A short tempered young vocalist. She prefers to take the lead even with her soft voice and physical disability. She is visually impaired (or fully blind). She loves the "diamonds in the sky" (stars) that she has never seen. She loves eating rice balls and cocktail shrimp, sleeping and staring off into space. Her name, "Riu/Liu" or "Ryu" means "flowing". "Ne" means "sound". "Sai" means "repeated" or "again". Her name is also a pun. Riu "I see you" NeSAI " in this eye". "SAI" is also inspired by "Paint Tool SAI".


  • Hair: Light brown, shoulder length, messy, uneven, parted down the middle of her head, and curls outward on the ends, and an "ahoge" (exaggerated cowlick).
  • Clothing: Light sea-foam green scarf, miniature standard neck tie, and thong-style underwear. Lavender button-up, puff-sleeved, translucent, cropped, collared blouse with light yellow single star constellations on the cuffs. Cream-gray sleeveless V-neck vest with two buttons and a "01" patch on the left breast. Cream-gray pleated over-the-knee skirt with a frilly lavender petticoat underneath. Navy blue golden buckle belt with constellation pattern. Navy Blue tights with blue and yellow galaxy/star pattern on the thighs and two blue light dots on the knees. Gray-black, leather, platform, school uniform style, loafers with blue light dots on the mid-toe and lavender slotted leather strips with blue round rectangular lights, yellow light rings mid-sole.
Product Information

Voice Detail

  • BPM: 70-150
  • Optimum Range: C5-C6(↓)Rec F5 C4-C5(↑)Rec C4
  • Genre: Pop, Pop ballad, Ballad, Rock, Electronic, Acoustic, etc...(She works best with medium speed, soft/quiet songs.)
  • Flags: Y0H0B0F0 (works for all banks)
  • Resampler / Wavtool: TIPS.exe and wavtoolex.exe (works for all banks except _音再リウ_(Append_SKY-SOFT) which it is recommended to use "fresamp.exe" as a Resampler and "wavetoolex.exe" for wavtool)

Current Models

Standard Banks

Append Banks

*All banks are downloaded from the same link that contains all three banks*

_音再リウ_(Append_VIVID-ADULT) (Includes standard Japanese CV plus one breath sample and VCV-style end breath samples as well as a few artificial end vowel-blend samples such as "a_ん").

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