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Haruka Nana (春歌ナナ(はるかなな)) is a voicebank for the UTAU program.

Nana is described as a silly little girl.


Her voicebank used to contain Japanese phonemes only. Her voice data is written in Kana, except for syllables without kana representation, like the L syllables. For the syllables encoded in Kana, western users must convert those samples into Romaji first. Her voice is usually described as "cute", though without tweaking, she can sound rather robotic.

Later, Nana's page has been moved to Nanahira's site. Her voicebank got an update again: the Starter pack, which contains her CVs, logos and an MMD model made by ISAO. Other downloads include: octave shifts from her old voicebank and her VCVs.


Haruka (春歌) - Spring song

Nana (ナナ) - A abbreviation of Nanahira

Character details

  • Description: Branching out pink pigtails with purple flower clips. Her eyes are green
  • Outfit: She wears small and white earphones with red and green illumination.
  • Dress: A zipper down white dress with pink and green frills and "x" shaped buttons, white flower-printed frilled arm warmers, complete with purple leggings, and white boots with flower buttons. (Old design)
  • Age:10
  • Likes: Bracken rice, salami, good-smelling things
  • Dislikes: Rock-fish Mino
  • Item: Cotton Candy
  • Height: Unknown (Commented as short)
  • Weight: Unknown (Commented as lightweight)

Additional details

  • Original voice configuration: alpszx
  • Voice configuration: 遥風 啓司
  • Logo design: かっか



Download Link: http://confetto.chu.jp/haruka/down/tandokuon.zip


Download Link: http://confetto.chu.jp/haruka/down/renzokuon.zip

Oshama voicebanks

春歌ナナ おしゃまさん

Download Link: http://confetto.chu.jp/haruka/down/osyama_tan.zip

春歌ナナ おしゃまさん連続音

It´s a whispery sound, gentler if compared to the normal version

Download Link: http://confetto.chu.jp/haruka/down/osyama_ren.zip



Haruka Nana Ending Breaths Sound Set

Download Link: http://confetto.chu.jp/haruka/down/gobi.zip



Download Link: http://confetto.chu.jp/haruka/down/bless.zip


Download Link: http://confetto.chu.jp/haruka/down/hokan.zip

MMD Models

MMD 春歌ナナ

Download Link: http://confetto.chu.jp/haruka/down/mmd.zip

Voice samples

Additional Information

Terms Of Use

Additional terms

  • Make sure to write the name Nana Haruka onto your work when using this voicebank and/or character.
  • Your acknowledgement is not necessarily required when using this voicebank and/or character, yet will be appreciated if given.
  • No restriction is imposed on altering and/or re-tuning this voicebank and distributing it. It is still expected that the author should be acknowledged of this.
  • Her merchandise can be sold at events without permission, but it is preferable to contact her creator.
  • Making cosplay of any of her designs is allowed.
  • For any other use, you must contact her creator.


Albums promoted by Confetto (Nanahira circle) or albums in which nagimiso participated.


  • Release: 11/02/2011
  • Type: Compilation album featuring Nagimiso illustration.


  • Release: 04/09/2011
  • Type: Compilation album.


  • Release: 11/08/2012
  • Type: Album featuring Nanahira vocals.

なないろのうた feat. 春歌ナナ

  • Release: 14/03/2013
  • Type: Compilation album featuring Nagimiso illustration.


She has original songs made by vocaloid producers like Lamaze-p, Madaco and kiichi.


Album illustrations

Work in progress