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Nair head HQ.jpg
(ハルモニア ナエル)

NAME INTERPRETATION: Nair - Parody of the Angel of Justice's name "Nakir"

Harmonia - Comes from "Harmony"

ALIAS: Angel of Writing, Nere

TYPE: 7loid - Envy

MODEL: A#-73


Munair Harmonia (Younger Sister and fellow 7loid)

Rael Taberusyn (Is the object of his big-sister complex and fellow 7loid)

Ase Roni (Fellow 7loid)

rAncrOw (fellow 7loid)

Δelta (Fellow 7loid)

Redd Cylix (Fellow 7loid)

AGE Looks 18 GENRE Alternative HOMEPAGE

7th Layer of Shit

HEIGHT 5'1.5" feet VOICE SOURCE Illisandria Carthain PICTURE LINK LIST None

The Beginning of Time

(Celebrated Dec. 4)

LIKES Writing, Munair, yaoi, music, God, Rael MEDIA LIST




9/02/2011 (ACT1)

12/4/2013 (ACT2.1 Bundle)

DISLIKES Drawing, Munair, Lucifer, Rael SIGNATURE SONG None

PERSONALITY:                                     (Nair CORE)

Nair is often described by others as "rude" and "blunt" and "impure". She has a sharp tongue that almost never intends harm, but certainly causes it. She curses quite often but, more often than not, the more she curses at you, the more comfortable she feels around you. Her not-so-secret vice is yaoi, which gets her looked down upon by the other "pure" angels. (Her sister, Munair, simply tells her that God loves her anyways, regardless of her flaws; Nair doesn't feel too sure about that.)

She has been described by herself as "untalented", "useless", "imperfect", "ugly", and "unloveable" in her worst of downward spirals. Like any being, she has her good days and her bad days: her good days are filled with writing and singing and overall praising of God; her bad days are a torrent of self-loathing and pity-eating. Luckily, she has her sister.

She likes to be alone a lot, but is afraid of truly being alone, and can be clingy at times. Being the object of Rael's big-sister complex makes her outwardly annoyed, but inside she loves it. Being the object of Rafe's obsession freaks her out, however, and she tries to avoid him whenever she can.


CHOIR is quiet and pleasant to be around. She serves the best tea this side of the pearly gates. While others will argue, she'll try and resolve the issue, although it usually ends in her crying since she's so sensitive. The exact opposite of FALLEN, she is insecure to a fault. CHOIR is rather cordial to Rael and smiles at him frequently when she sees him.

The only thing that can make her angry is someone insisting that she's usueless, then she flies into a table-flipping, wreck-your-stuff mood and usually almost kills whoever made her mad.

She has a secret love for hardcore tenta-rape things and has a hidden box full of anime and manga she buys when she has the chance.


FALLEN is loud as crap. She hates everyone and everything and strives only to cause chaos wherever she goes. The exact opposite of CHOIR, she is overly and overtly proud of herself to a flaw. Never once would she admit to doing something wrong 'cause she's always right. ALWAYS. Even when she's wrong.

There's no arguing with her when she gets in the mood--all the time--so don't even bother.

She hates Rael with a passion, a fiery burning passion with the heat of a supernova.

FALLEN is aggro 24-7.

She secretly loves guys shorter than her.

Supplemental Information

Hair Color: Purple with black stripes in the fringe

Eye Color: Golden

Outfit: Wears an off-kilter lilac robe with purple trim and black combat boots. (Nair CORE)

Wears a white robe with lilac trim and golden sandals. (CHOIR)

Wears an off-kilter dark purple sleeveless crop-top with purple sports bra, black skirt, and combat boots. (FALLEN)

Nationality/Race: Angelicae (Angel)

Voice Configuration

Nair is designed for the Japanese language. Has some interesting sounds for english if you wanted. Her voicebank works best (ie: eliminates the metallic sound caused by poor recording) with a H25BRE20 flag set. Do not use fresamp of any sort.

You can get her genderbend Nik Harmonia by adding an extra g+18 flag.

Voicebank Downloads

ACT 1 [L.Q.] (CV)

ACT2.1 Bundle [ACT2.1+CHOIR.1+FALLEN.1] (CV)

Usage Clause

This bank can be used for anything except:

  • songs that bash any people for their religion, orientation, or any other thing
  • songs that are intentionally created to troll/flame/start shipping wars/etc;
  • stealing an calling your own
  • redistributing without permission

Upcoming Banks

  • none