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(Japanese: 刹那ナゴリ - せつななごり - Setsuna Nagori)
刹那 (Setsuna; Transient Moment); But her real last name is Setsunai meaning painful, trying, oppressive or suffocating but she hid this.
ナゴリ (Nagori; Embers of Memory)
TYPE: Karaloids or Nijiloids - refers to Color or Rainbow vocaloids. It might be that the utau's are to be organized with their respective colors
MODEL: - meaning (K) Karaloid, (R) Red, then 01 because it is the first color of the rainbow. it is located At the Back of her Coat
GENDER Female VOICE RANGE Unknown RELATED CHARACTERS Anya Kyuumune (fellow NijiLoid or Karaloid and Best Friend)
Kenta Chikune (compatriot)
Riza Sotone (Compatriot and also a close Friend)
Wakana Ayane (Friend)
Ibu Teishoune (fellow NijiLoid or Karaloid and Best Friend)
AGE 17 GENRE OPM, virtually any other genre HOMEPAGE TBA
WEIGHT 116 lbs (53 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Cherry & Candy Canes CREATOR Hankyou
Orochi Herman (Voice Config & tuning)
BIRTHDAY February 11, 1992 (same birthday as her creator) LIKES Cherry , Candy Canes, Anya MEDIA LIST YOUTUBE, NICO-NICO DOUGA
RELEASE DATE July 31, 2009 DISLIKES Her sickness SIGNATURE SONG None yet
PERSONALITY:She does her best in singing but after some performances her sickness kicks off causing her to not sing a lot.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Red
Eye color: White or Silver
Torso: Wears a white tube top with red & black stripes and design. Over it a black coat-like with red & white stripes that covers the back and sides and its length is up to her knees . Uses belts to hold it the clothes in place.
Legs: Wears a white shorts with red & black stripes and design. Under this she wears a black leggings.
Arms: She wears 1 robotic module on both arms, and 1 short black with red stripes warmers on each arm.
Feet: She wears White boots with zippers on the inner sides with black lining and red as for the bottom.
Nationality: Filipino-Japanese.

Others: All of  the Karaloids  wears a certain collar on ther neck with their color. Nagori Setsuna wears Red.

Voice Configuration

Act 1

She has a ng, (enye), r, l, v & s sounds with her pack to enable her to sing or speak in Tagalog & English better

Nagori is currently unable to understand Hiragana, which will be resolved by a future release version 1.2.

Nagori Setsuna's voice is by default, encoded in Romaji. This makes her voice bank easier to use by non-Japanese people or people who do not know Japanese Language well. She is currently able to sing in English, Japanese, and Tagalog.

Download: Nagori Setsuna Voice Bank

Act 2

Better quality than the 1st VB, will still be multilingual Jap, English,Fil (possibly spanish as well) and will be coded as Romaji with hiragana alias.

Act 3

She will be the only one of Hankyou's UTAUloids that will be remastered using the POLYGLOID-UG reclist, compiled by Orochi Herman and used by his POLYGLOIDs like Bonnie and Clyde, and Paciano. Based on IPA, it attempts covering of all possible pronunciations of all languages.

Once remastered, Nagori will have a widely expanded singing capability in terms of languages.

Alternative Voice

By genderbending Nagori Setsuna's voice flagged as G+15 placed in C4 or lower, it produces her male counterpart "Nagoto Setsuna".

Certified true and correct from Nagori Setsuna's creator, Hankyou. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.