NYOTORI (Also known as Nyotori or NYOTORI Bot) is an UTAU Voicebank for the UTAU and UTAU-Synth Program. She currently has 2 Japanese Voicebanks, NYOTORI Bot and NYOTORI Unmasked.

*Please note that Nyotori was a voicebank made for fun, so she's not of the highest quality, and might be a bit difficult to use.


NYOTORI as a character is, to quote her creator and voice provider, "a little cyborg girl who was made by a big company to replace humans so no one has to deal with their annoying emotions". Due to being a Cyborg, NYOTORI constantly has a filter over her voice, even without her mask on.

Name Etymology

  • NYOTORI (ニョートーリー) - No particular meaning, just sounds cute and harmless!
  • Bot - Pretty obvious, refers to Nyotori's species.

Voicebank Distribution

Voice Details


Voice Samples



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