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(Japanese: NOFACE or NF)
Gender Male
Age ???
Height 150 cm
Birthday ???
Release Date TBA
Voice Middernacht
Homepage TBA


NO FACE is a quiet young man that says only what is needed. However, if he befriends someone he wants to fight for, he will.


NO FACE is a young man that looks about in his teens. He has dark red hair and usually wears a light blue vest to remind him of better times. His voice seems odd compared to his appearance.


NO FACE is a third installment to two other UTAUloids, Nightstar Yorushi and RICKARD. (Neither officially released due to poor turnout.) NO FACE serves as a rescue for Yorushi from RICKARD who is always trying to harm Yorushi.


Full name: NOFACE (Ab. NF) (His name consists of two words, No and face, but his name contains all capital letters and no space.)

Hair Colour: Dark red

Headgear: Mask (Covers from hair line to nose.)

Earphones: Small ear buds, white in colour and glow in black light.

Theme Colour: White

Race: ???

History: NO FACE started off as just a background filler character for one of Yorushi's first covers. However, he later grew into an entity and then into an UTAUloid.


NO FACE was created and voiced by Middernacht with Illustration by Flick. (小魚) (Group: 小NACHT)

As of now, NO FACE has only a Japanese voicebank. However, plans for English and German banks are being considered.

He will be available for download soon.

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