NK1-KII (NK1-キー) is a voicebank for the UTAU program.


NK1-KII, or more simply Kii, is a robot that was designed to be the next new pop sensation. Though her base body is completely monotone, sans the star on top one of her eyes and the heart shaped pupil in her other eye, peers have noted that her voice is so human that it sounds like it shouldn't belong to her.

Being a robot, however, has its drawbacks. Though she was created to be extremely smart, she doesn't know what most things are. Being made of scrap metal, she dents easily and needs to be constantly repaired. She has never been to a school, and though designed to be a pop star, isn't in any training or employment, effectively making her a NEET.

She was found behind an auto parts shop in a large trash bin.


Kii doesn't really have a personality, per se. She was only designed to sing. The only hint of emotion she has is when she sings.

However, she is relatively laid-back, not really caring about what people do. She's also extremely fond of kids.


NK1-KII has light gray skin with darker gray hair tied in two ponytails. One eye is a mid tone gray and where the other should be is a large yellow star. She has pieces of white scrap metal all around her body. One of her arms has a volume system that is always set a little above half and the other one has a microphone as a hand that is attached to a speaker on her midsection.

Her midsection is mostly strong elastic with a small speaker in the middle. She also has a system for her joints similar to a ball-jointed doll, and the joints are white.

Her outfit consists of a short pink halter top with a keyhole cutout and a small screen embedded in the chest. There are two dials on the right side of it that control frequency and quality. When idle, it has a stand-by screen. NK1-KII also dons a darker pink pleated skirt and pink wedges. She wears a black fingerless glove on her only hand.


NK1-KII ACT 1 (Tri-pitch VCV): Link not ready

NK1-KII ENGLISH (Bi-pitch ARPASING): Link not ready


  • Because she is made of metal, she sparkles in the light.
  • Her voice comes from a computer that rests inside her, where a human stomach would be.
  • She is battery powered.
  • She enjoys cooking, even though she can't eat.
  • Despite not knowing what most things are, she likes "hairy animals" (cats, dogs, etc) and the feeling of sand.
  • NEOkane is the one who found her and gave her a makeover. Everything that is not a gray, besides her TV screen, was given to NK1-KII by her.
  • NK1 stands for "New Kind #1". It hints that there would be more robots like her. Kii is a sound effect used in manga that mimics the sound of a woman's high pitched screaming.
  • Using her volume system, she can effectively mute herself.
  • She knows how to use her microphone as a semi-functioning hand.
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