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Mya Anomishi

(Mia Anomishi)

  • Name Interpretation: NONE
  • Type: UTAUloid
  • Model: EX - 03 (Written in her dress)
  • Gender - Female
  •  Age: 10
  • Weight: 28 Kg
  • Height: 140 Cm
  • Birthday: indefinite
  • Release Date: 12/24/13
  • Voice Range: ---
  • Genre: children's songs
  • Character Item: keychain on a lipstick format
  • Voice Source: [BPS] Clarissa
  • Likes: Look at facebook on your tablet, skiing, fashion, fights, cars and  money.
  • Dislikes: help others, too certain people and peace.
  • Related Characters: Krad Darkness Ark (cousin), Larapoid Darknext Ark (otherwise), Nani Itsutau (knows), SeeU (Idol).
  • Homepage: None
  • Creator: [BPS] (Clarissa)
  • Concept Art: 
  • Media List: SoundCloud YouTube
  • Signature Song: Jingle Bell JPN
  • Personality: Cheerful, glad we stumbled across, spoiled, rich, hates sports.
  • History: She went to France along with Krad, there bought your keychain and seeing show UTAUloids French, wanted to sing too, so invented a cover for kids and more agitated music, she is Mya Anomishi, and for more "sluggish" music and calm she is Larapoid Darknext Ark.
  • Official language: Japanese
  • Unofficial Supported Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, Fench, Latin and English
  • Voicebank Author: [BPS] (Clarissa)
  • Technical Director: [RPS] (Augusto)
  • FRQ File Presence: YES
  • No. of Voice Phonemes: 193
  • Oto.ini Presence: YES

Design and additional information  

  • Hair Color: Orange
  • Headgear: Cat Ears
  • Eyes Color: Green
  • Headphone: Headphones with cat ears (White)
  • Clothing: one / pink / green dress white with yellow arrows, white arm warmers, tail white cat, green pearl (emerald), very small pink tie with white fasteners, pink and white socks, pink shoes.
  • Nationality: Brazilian
  • Catchphrase: "Time to spend!"

Usage Clause

  1. Released jobs including money, such as DVDs and CDs, as long as the creator earn 50% of income
  2. Any kind of art (giving credits).
  3. Is released jobs involving policy and trade (agreeing to work with Clarissa Bento).
  4. It is released using his voice to create other UTAUloids (giving credits).
  5. Permitted redistribute the voicebank (Freely available)

Krad D. Ark (talk) 18:03, December 18, 2013 (UTC)