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Mushiria is a voicebank for the UTAU program.


  • 23/6/2019: Mushiria has a first Japanese Voicebank, private.
  • 11/11/2019: Mushiria has a second Japanese Voicebank, released.
  • 7/2/2021: Mushiria has a third Japanese Voicebank, not released (will be released soon)


Mushiria is 90% mushroom, 7% fairy, and 3% dragon. She has a mischievous and mighty personality. But sings with soft and mature voice.

  • Item - Mushroom, Sylveon Colors
  • Likes - Cleanliness, Poisons
  • Dislikes - Dirty
  • Birthday - June 23, 2019
  • Shizuruu&Mushiria's Day: April 4th
  • Characteristic: Mischevious, likes to sabotage everything. She looks kind, but be careful with her.


  • Mushiria (Mush) - First half of the word "Mushroom".


  • Hair color - Pink peach, ahoge and twintails
  • Headgear - Blue headwings
  • Eye color - Green
  • Earphones - None
  • Outfit - She has a blue collar and a long pink dress. She has a long tail and flipper arms.


  • Shizuruu - Semi momma, Same voicer
  • Sala - Same voicer
  • Amaine Fumi - Same voicer
  • Sayaka Chino - Fellow mushroom lover



  • Mushiria was born because of the carelessness of Shiz (they created Mush because of forgeting cleaning the biohazard in their laboratory), that's why Shiz is Mush's semi momma
  • Mushiria is trying to learn to pronounce, that's why she can't pronounce some word.
  • Mush's original appearance is the 50cm tall creature, Mush in humanoid appearance is the result of using Shiz's poison.
  • Mush is a mischevious and naughty kid, she can accidentally destroy everything (and actually destroyed something)
  • Mushiria is stronger than Sala, Fumi and normal person, she's always fighting with Shizuruu (although Shiz beats Mush everytime)
  • Humanoid Mush has supple body, that's why she wanted to be a ballerina

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