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Minarai Mona Icon 

(Japanese: ミナライモナ - みならいもな - Minarai Mona)

ミナライ (Minarai; learn by observation, apprentice)
Her first name, "Mona", has no particular meaning

TYPE: USSloid - (Part of UTAU SoundScape)
MODEL: USS02 - (On her lower back)

Iris Libra (Friend),
Fuu Nakane (Friend)

Fellow USSloids listed in information below

AGE 17 GENRE Any HOMEPAGE NicolaCola's YouTube
WEIGHT 128 lbs (58 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Soda pop CREATOR NicolaCola





BIRTHDAY August 14 LIKES Making friends, determination, smiling, stickers, food MEDIA LIST YOUTUBE, YOUTUBE (Japanese name)
RELEASE DATE August 14, 2012 DISLIKES The dark, being alone, giving up, routines DEBUT SONGS

Satellite (VCV+CV β) Rolling Girl ~Acapella Ver~ (VCV+CV Act1.0) Yellow (CV VC English FULL)

PERSONALITY: Mona can be incredibly obnoxious and loud, and she talks very fast when she gets excited. She likes meeting new people and trying new things, especially different kinds of food. Also, she strongly believes that anything can be accomplished if one wears a smile and puts all of their heart into whatever they're trying to do. As such, she can get upset when someone gives up on something important to them. Her optimistic attitude can be bothersome to some, but she tends to get along with most people.

*Using this as Mona's personality is optional. Feel free to interpret her anyway you wish and pair her with whomever as long as you clearly state that it's unofficial.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Orange
Eye color: Light Pink
Earphones: One earphone on her left ear which is ringed with gray, light pink, and pale yellow. On the side is a salmon pop tab logo. Including her earphones when drawing her is optional.
Color Scheme: Salmon, orange, light pink, pale yellow

More details about Mona's outfit can be found on her reference sheet.

Her official concept art can be found here.

Voice Configuration

Mona Minarai's most current Japanese voicebank is her VCV+CV Act1.0 bank, which is available here.

Mona also has a FULL English CVVC bank (oto by Cdra), which is available here.

Her VCV+CV β bank is outdated, but is still available here.

Mona may also eventually receive some appends and/or a multi-pitch bank; however, these projects are currently just ideas that Mona's creator is toying with, and they are not likely to be seriously considered until some time in the far-off future.

Fellow UTAU SoundScape Members

User Agreement

You are free to cover whatever songs you want with Mona and draw Mona however you like. NicolaCola's only restrictions are that you don't break any laws or purposely make hateful/slanderous content with Mona and that no mature content be synthesized with her voice. Also, whenever using/drawing Mona, always label through tags, notes, title, or in some other clear manner that it is Mona Minarai.

Commercial usage is strictly prohibited. All exceptions must have direct permission from NicolaCola before use and Mona Minarai must be clearly labeled.

Common UTAU ettiquete must be applied to Mona as well. Do not alter her samples in any way to create a new UTAU, do not claim her voicebank as yours, do not steal her design, and so on.

The information here is written and confirmed by Mona Minarai's creator, NicolaCola, unless this page is edited without permission, in which NicolaCola will quickly work to rectify the changes. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

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