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Momone Momotarō (桃音モモタロウ(ももねももたろう)) is a voicebank for the UTAU-Synth program.


Momotarō was originally managed by Momoko Fujimoto, Momone Momo's voicer, as an additional character to Momone Momo.

When he was announced in November 2010, he was simply referred to as "Momoani", being Momo's elder brother. Afterwards, his real name (Momotarō) was revealed.


He is the elder brother of Momo. He is a butler robot with human figure, but he finds the human outfit binding and prefers being in a robotic framework. He is also very mature and handsome, but his personality is not very pleasant. He likes his sister very much and smiles to Momo the most.

When in robot form, he often says "dasu" (ダス), a rural accent for "desu" (です).

  • Item - Strawberries.
  • Likes - Cooking, especially baking.
  • Dislikes - People getting into his business, not having any time to cook.


  • Momone (桃音) - "Peach-sound".
  • Momotarō (モモタロウ) - "Peach-boy", a name from Japanese folklore.
  • Momo-ani (モモ兄) - "Momo's elder brother".


  • Hair color - Pink.
  • Eye color - Green.
  • Earphones - White with pink glow details.
  • Outfit - In his human form, wears a black butler coat (with coattails), black trousers, and black shoes with a white collared shirt and green vest.


Product Information

Product Information
  Genre: Unannounced  Range: Unannounced  Tempo: Unannounced
  Input: Kana encoded & aliased.  Vowels: CV.  System: Microsoft Windows & Mac OS
Package details as noted:
  • Work in Progress
Voicebank sample

Work in Progress -

Additional information


Work in Progress


  • The character model for his robot design is Gonsuke, a robot that appears in the anime 21-emon and in special episodes of Doraemon.


Work in Progress


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