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So, souiu no ikenai to omoimasu!
—Favorite phrase[1]

Momone Momo (桃音モモ (ももね・もも)) is a voicebank for the UTAU program.


Uta, Teto and Momo were the first 3 UTAUloids to be publicly released. They are often collectively referred to as "The 3 UTAU Girls."

Momo became widely known in the West due to her cover of the now infamous Nyan Cat song. In small circles on YouTube she is known as "Pinku".



Donna kodomo mo ayashimasu.

Momo is a Japanese robot with there appearance of a young female humanoid. She is designed as a maid and housekeeping robot, but she can also sing. Her attitude is described to be sincere, obedient and shy; she also does things in her own pace. She is also sensitive so she can be happy, mad, sad, etc by the influence of just little things. Momo can exert giant strength for 5 minutes when attacked (despite her frail look). She is also fast, and makes things perfect but a weak drinker. She can detach her head from her body (however she hates it when other people detaches it), and can also communicate with electronic devices natively (presumably by electrical signals). Also, Momo stutters when she is nervous.

  • Item - Peaches, brooms, cleaning tools and cooking utensils.
  • Likes - Candies and sweets
  • Dislikes - Cockroaches and people stealing her head.


  • Momone (桃音) - Peach Sound.
  • Momo (モモ) - Peach.
  • M-100 - M from Momone and 百 (hundred), which is pronounced as "momo" in old classic Japanese.


  • Hair color - Pink like peaches - Semi-long, shoulder length. Front bangs that are fastened with white barrettes.
  • Headgear - A green poofy hat/beret.
  • Eye color - Green.
  • Earphones - White earphone set with double extending antennas, like with Defoko.
  • Outfit - A classic school uniform of green and white (white short sleeve shirt, green skirt, green collar) and a red necktie. (Or as usual,a maid-like outfit of which to clean and secure.)


Voicebank distribution

Voicebank Reclist Range Description DL
Soft(ソフト)2011ver. VCV G4 "This is a soft voicebank.@wiki entry" DL
Whisper(ウィスパー)2011ver. VCV F4 "This is a whisper voicebank." DL
Mellow(メロウ) VCV F4 "This is a mellow voicebank." DL
Cute(キュート) VCV F4 "This is a cute voicebank." DL
Passion(パッション) VCV A4 "This is a passion voicebank." DL
桃音モモ2009ver. VCV A3, D4, F4 "Continuous sound for 3-stages, 2009 version. @wiki entry" DL
桃音モモ2009ver. VCV F4, Lite "Updated continuous sound for 3-stages, 2009 version. @wiki entry." DLDL
桃音モモ(soft)2009ver. CV F4, Lite "This is a soft voicebank.@wiki entry" DLDL
桃音モモ(whisper)2009ver. CV F4, Lite "This is a whisper voicebank." DLDL
(nakano ver.)
桃音モモ(falsetto) CV C5 "This is a falsetto voicebank." DL
桃音モモ(straight) CV F4 "This is a straight voicebank." DL
桃音モモ(straight) CV A4 "This is a straight voicebank." DL

Pitch libraries

Voicebank Reclist Range Description DL
桃音モモLite2009 CV F4, Lite "Description @wiki entry" DL
桃音モモ単独音5段階セット2009 CV A3,C#4,A4,F4,C#5 "Five pitches" DL
桃音モモ単独音6段階セット2009 CV A3,C♯4,E4,G♯4,A♯4,D5 "Six pitches" DL
桃音モモ 単独音/音程18段階フルセット2009 CV A#3~G4 "Eighteen pitches" DL

Voice details

  • Input - Kana encoded and kana aliased
  • System - Microsoft Windows
  • Optimum - Genre: Ballad, Pop, and Rock, Range: C4~C5, Tempo: Unannounced
  • Details - Several iterations of voice upgrades have been released by her author, improving quality of her voice. Her voicebank was the precursor of the VCV (or renzokuon) standard, which later UTAU adopted.

Voice samples

Work in Progress

Additional information

Terms of Use


  • Work in Progress



  1. "I, I think you are doing what you shouldn't do!"
  2. "I can amuse any child."
  3. https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm23598770

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