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So, souiu no ikenai to omoimasu!
—Favorite phrase[1]

Momone Momo (桃音モモ (ももね・もも)) is a voicebank for the UTAU program.


Uta, Teto and Momo were the first 3 UTAUloids to be publicly released. As such, they are often collectively referred to as "The 3 UTAU Girls."

Momo became widely known in the West due to her cover of the now infamous Nyan Cat song. In small circles on YouTube she is known as "Pinku".



Donna kodomo mo ayashimasu.

Momo is a Japanese robot with the appearance of a young female humanoid. She is designed as a maid and housekeeping robot, but she can also sing. Her attitude is described as being sincere, obedient and shy; she also does things at her own pace. She is also sensitive, so she can be made happy, mad, sad, etc. by the influence of just little things. Momo can exert giant strength for 5 minutes when attacked (despite her frail look). She is also fast, and makes things perfect, but is a weak drinker. She can detach her head from her body (however, she hates it when other people detach it), and can also communicate with electronic devices natively (presumably by electrical signals). Also, Momo stutters when she is nervous.

  • Item - Peaches, brooms, cleaning tools and cooking utensils.
  • Likes - Konpeitō, candies and sweets
  • Dislikes - Cockroaches and people stealing her head.


  • Momone (桃音) - Peach Sound.
  • Momo (モモ) - Peach.
  • M-100 - M from Momone and 百 (hundred), which is pronounced as "momo" in old classic Japanese.


  • Hair color - Pink like peaches - Semi-long, shoulder length. Front bangs that are fastened with white barrettes.
  • Headgear - A green poofy hat/beret.
  • Eye color - Green.
  • Earphones - White earphone set with double extending (removable) antennas, like with Defoko.
  • Outfit - A classic school uniform of green and white (white short sleeve shirt, green skirt, green collar) and a red necktie. (Or, as usual, a maid-like outfit in which to clean and secure.)


  • Defoko - "Friend" but more often antagonist.
  • Teto Kasane - Friend.
  • Momotaro Momone - elder brother and prototype.
  • Professor Momose - Director of the Momose Robotics Laboratory and creator of Momo. He is still passionate about developing cutting-edge robots, making the most of his vast assets. He is also a devoted husband who is deeply in love with his wife, whom he chased after and married.
  • Momoe Momose - Professor Momose's wife. Her hobby is traveling abroad, she speaks foreign languages ​​fluently, she is knowledgeable and has many hobbies. She is a cheerful and active grandma. She is so active that she is rarely at home and is always running around somewhere. Apparently she was an incredibly beautiful woman when she was young.
  • Momo Momose's father - Name not yet determined. While raising his daughter, he works at the research lab of his father-in-law, Professor Momose. He is a serious engineer, quiet and timid. He is single after losing his wife at an early age. He is usually laid-back, but can be relied upon when the time comes.
  • Momo Momose - Professor Momose's granddaughter and inspiration for Momo's design. They are identical in appearance. The only grandchild of the Momose family. A clumsy and somewhat dreamy girl, she is an ordinary girl. She has grown up surrounded by robots since she was little, so she is good with machines.
  • Momoe Momone aka, Unit-1 - Momo's predecessor. Based on Professor Momose's wife when they were first married. Appears to be about 20. She is beautiful and graceful, and is the ideal newlywed who does housework with a smile. She is gentle and feminine, with a kind personality, and takes good care of him. She is able to remove her outer shell like Momotaro, but rarely does so.
  • Sumomo Momone aka, Unit-3 - Momo's successor. Appears to be about 8~10. A state-of-the-art, high-performance security robot. She protects children from accidents and crime while being a friend to them. She has a reserved and cheeky personality, but is spoiled by her older siblings. She also has girlish aspects, such as loving shoujo manga, playing with dolls, and playing house.
  • The God of Robots - He watches over hard-working robots with kindness, giving them his blessings and protection. He appears to Momo in her dreams when she is in trouble to comfort her and give her advice.

Voicebank distribution

Voice Reclist ; Range Description ; Download
桃音モモ連続音Soft(ソフト)(2011) VCV; C4~C5 "Momo Momone Continuous Soft (G4). Momo's successor bank and closest to Momo-like. Natural Pronunciation and vocalization. Easy to handle; DL"
桃音モモ連続音Whisper(ウィスパー)(2011) VCV; C4~C5 "Momo Momone Continuous Whisper (F4). A whisper voice with a breathy sound. While it has a lot of breath, it was balanced out to allow pronunciation and vocalization; DL"
桃音モモ連続音Mellow(メロウ)(2011) VCV; C4~C5 "Momo Momone Continuous Mellow (F4). A mature voice with a sad tone. Clear pronunciation. Goes well with ballads; DL"
桃音モモ連続音Cute(キュート)(2011) VCV; C4~C5 "Momo Momone Continuous Cute (F4). A lively voice with a strong tone. Bright, youthful, and someone childish. Best used for pop, idol, anime, or children's songs; DL"
桃音モモ連続音Passion(パッション)(2011) VCV; C4~C5 "Momo Momone Continuous Passion (A4). A strong voice with power and energy. Difficult to use. Best for rock, enka, and pop songs; DL"
桃音モモ連続音3段階 (Aug 2009) VCV; C4~C5 "Momo Momone Tripitch Continuous Sound; DL"
連続音&単独音Liteセット/F4 (July 2009) VCV+CVlite; C4~C5 "Momo Momone Monopitch Continuous plus Monopitch lite Single Sound; DL"
桃音モモ(soft)-単独音/柔らかめの発声/F4/Oct2009 CV; C4~C5 "Momo Momone Soft Single Sound. Soft and gentle. The most Momo-like. Suitable for pop and ballad. The easiest to use.; DL"
桃音モモ(whisper)-単独音/ウィスパーボイス/ロングトーン/F4/Oct2009 CV; C4~C5 "Momo Momone Whisper Single Sound. A whispering voice with a lot of breath, but easy to hear pronunciation. Goes well with bossa nova and electronica; DL"
桃音モモ(falsetto)-単独音/ファルセット(裏声)/C5/Oct2009 CV; C4~C5 "Momo Momone falsetto Single Sound. Falsetto voice for higher range. Can be used with other banks or alone; DL"
桃音モモ(straight)-単独音/通常の発声/ロングトーン/F4/Oct2009 CV; C4~C5 "Momo Momone Straight (F4) Single Sound. A solid voice with long vowels and strong tone. Best for rock and pop songs; DL"
桃音モモ(straight)-単独音/通常の発声/ロングトーン/A4/Oct2009 CV; C4~C5 "Momo Momone Straight (A4) Single Sound. A solid voice with long vowels and strong tone. Best for rock and pop songs; DL"
桃音モモLite2009 (単独音/F4) CV; C4~C5 "Momo Momone Single Sound Lite. Extracted from the 18 pitch Full Set for storage size. Also included in the Monopitch Continuous Bank; DL"
桃音モモ単独音5段階セット2009 CV; A3~C#5 "Momo Momone Single Sound 5 Step. Multipitch recorded in A3, C#4, A4, F4, and C#5. Extracted from 18 pitch Full Set and otoed by IkTk; DL"
桃音モモ単独音6段階セット2009 CV; A3~D5 "Momo Momone Single Sound 6 Step. Recorded in A3, C#4, E4, G#4, A#4, and D5. Extracted from 18 pitch Full Set and otoed by ken; DL"
桃音モモ 単独音/音程18段階 (A#3~G4)フルセット2009 CV; A#3~G4 "Momo Momone Single Sound 18 pitch Full Set. Recorded in 18 pitches. A3, A#3, B3, C4, C#4, D4, D#4, E4, F4, F#4, G4, G#4, A4, A#4, B4, C5, C#5, and D5; Broken DL"
音ライブラリ UTAU用調整版 CV; C4~C5 "Momo Momone Single Sound Ameya Adjusted Version. The oldest recording of Momo using a makeshift microphone; Scroll down to momoneA.zip"

Other voicebanks and derivatives

Voice Reclist ; Range Description ; Download
連続音チビモモ(chibi)2009 VCV; C4~C5 "Chibi Momo Momone Continuous Sound. A recording with a unique and childish sound. It was recorded with a lisp. Must be extracted using "Explzh"; DL"
連続音チビモモ+(chibi plus)+2010 VCV; C4~C5 "Chibi Momo Momone Continuous Sound Plus. A roboticized version of Chibi Momo. Does not have oto or frq files and must be done manually.; DL"
単独音口笛2009 CV "Momo Momone Single Sound Whistling; DL"
数字カウント素材2009 NA "Momo Momone Number Counting Set; DL"
いろいろつめあわせセット2009 NA "Momo Momone Sound Assortment Set; DL"
格闘シーン用ボイスセット2010 NA "Momo Momone Fighting Scene Set; DL"
ブレス素材2011 NA "Momo Momone Breath Set; Broken DL"
桃音モモ単独音ハミング(hanauta)2009 CV "Momo Momone Humming Single Sound. The sound of humming recorded in 19 pitches. Does not contain oto or frq files; DL"
桃音モモ単独音コーラス用素材(Ha&Fu) 2009 CV "Momo Momone Single Sound Chorus. Ha and Fu sounds for backing vocals. Does not contain oto or frq files; DL"
桃音モモ促音付五十音単独音C5ド_2009 CV "Momo Momone Strong Sounds. 50 double consonant sounds with glottal stops. Does not contain oto or frq files; DL"

Voice details

  • Input - Kana encoded and kana aliased
  • System - Microsoft Windows
  • Optimum - Genre: Ballad, Pop, and Rock, Range: C4~C5
  • Details - Several iterations of voice upgrades have been released by her author, improving quality of her voice. Her voicebank was the precursor of the VCV (or renzokuon) standard, which later UTAU adopted. In 2017, the site hosting Momo's voicebanks was shut down. Her wiki lists an official mirror site and is linked above. At least two voicebanks are currently missing. Please reach out to herozako on twitter with updates or issues.

Additional information

Terms of Use



  • According to her official site, in 2015 a CVVC voicebank was planned, but was never released.


  1. "I, I think you are doing what you shouldn't do!"
  2. "I can amuse any child."
  3. https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm23598770

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