Molly-Rose McCarthy



Neikio Don Gatteto  (pet) 

WEIGHT 123 lbs (56 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Australian Flag Bandanna CREATOR mollylollie7
BIRTHDAY January 31, 2001 LIKES anime and cosplay, being right, sweet things MEDIA LIST


RELEASE DATE (act 1) 13/09/2014 DISLIKES English, spelling, being told off SIGNATURE SONG NONE
ACT 1 bio:

Molly-Rose is loud, messy and always up for a challenge. Shean annoying hbit of beraking the 4th wall alot. Molly lover to write     fanfiction, even though she can't spell for her life (like me) and she loves learning new languishes and subjects like sciences (When things explode) and art. She goes by her instincts (even if they are completely wrong) and can be a little bossy if her team make does something that she doesn't like. She is a big anime fan, mainly Hetalia, but she never has any money for the stuff that she wants/needs.  Molly-Rose is currently trying to find out why she has natural blue hair. Oh, and she tends to ship her friends with each outer, a lot.

 ACT 2 bio: So quickly summarize, Molly-Rose McCarthy is a friendly young woman with a love for history and science-fiction, also known as sci-fi. She is a happy and energetic person, but sometimes has self-esteem issues. One failed way to cover this up, as she learnt was to act a little hyper, but that never really worked for her. Molly-Rose is a large anime fan, with supernal, sci-fi and comedy being her main fouse. She enjoys cosplay, but never seem to have any money to buy/make them in the start.

She is short-sighted, but can see well enough not be a cluzts with-out them, but she won’t be about to read very much. Although she has light blue hair, she would be a brunet if it was a natural colour. Molly-Rose likes to beak the 4th wall and can often be found on Tumblr concerned about the new memes that keep popping up, or on youtube or soundcloud watching other UTAUloids and VOCALOIDs do stuff.

Act 1 design art By Ventushelm

Supplemental Information

Hair colour: light blue
Eyegear: purple glasses
Eye colour: Tumblr Blue

(ACT 1) Long brown pants, tall boots, Black shirt tucked it, blue shirt cropped to one side, light brown vest,pale green tie, Australian flag/Southern Cross bandanna, mounton climbing brace with a purple gecko lock, and purple glasses.

(ACT 2) Long dark brow coat ending in a plaid. Edges tiped with light green. Long brown pants tucked outside of dark boots and messy, light-blue long-sleeved dress shirt and bandanna. She also wear's fingerless gloves and purple glasses with a purple scrunchie around her side-sitting ponytail.

Nationality/Race: Australian

Voice Configuration

All voicebak updates and download links can also be found here.

Finnished VB

  • Japanese CV act 1: here
  • Japanese CV act 2: here

Planed VB

  • Japnese VCV

All Works

Shake it! Soundcloud , Youtube

Childish War (Molly-Rose + Chou Fai) Soundcloud youtube

ラズベリー*モンスター (Raspberry monster) Soundcloud

Nico Nico Wonderland cameo youtube

Plane theory SoundCloud

Sigh youtube

Song of the Eared Robot youtube

Other art

ACT 1 Use information (not in readme) If you use her for anything, please let me know, I'ld love to see what you do with her. ^_^ 

Can do:

  • Use in songs like + boy, If You Do Do, LUBRAAAAATRY, ect, but please be tame about it. 
  • Edit this VoiceBank, but please notify me about any changes and DO NOT re-distrubute anything.
  • If you wish to make money off her, please tell me before anything can happen. Please.
  • Make orignal songs, I'm cool with that. 

Can not do:

  • Use for anything 18+, yes I said thoes songs are ok, but please be sencible about it.
  • Any violence of any kind.
  • Use to make raises or offence songs. Just don't. That includes going to far about the scarf around her neck.
  • Clevage. This my seem sill, but she has a 'zero-sute' thingy underneit her clothes so not only would it be impractal, it would also got agients the design.

Act 2 teams:

Not for commercial use with-out full premmision form the creater.

PLease notafy me if you use her in anyway, I would love to hear it! ^^ You can link all work done with a tag (@mollylollie7, :devmollylollie7, ect) or a hastag such as #mollylollie7 or #Molly-Rose McCarthy / #mollyrosemcarthy

You may:

  • Edit the oto.ini to improve the voicebank quality.
  • Trade eddted voice banks
  • Draw/make MMD (miku miku dance) modles of/cosplay her. Not only is that okay, but is truly awesome. ^*^ 
You may not:
  • Redistribute/pitch/modify or steal the voicebank, design or character.
  • Claim it as yours.
  • Use for commercial purpose without permission.
  • Use for offensive, spiteful, vulgar, explicit & distasteful matters. This involes all songs/storys/ect that are about religion. If you wish to do so, ie Chistmas calos, please ask @mollylollie7 prior. 
  • Any 18+ work of any kind. NO EXPETIONS.
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