Mizuki Zuiga's current redesign.

Voice Configuration

Mizuki Zuiga is designed for Japanese language only. All voice data is written in Kana, so Western users must convert the filenames into Romaji before using him.

He has 5 voicebanks. All are triphone-exclusive and are recorded in multiple scales. One of these voicebanks is currently not up for download.

He has been noted as a fairly easy to use voicebank due to being recorded with a high-quality microphone. It is recommended to use the TIPS and tn_fnds resamplers when using his voicebanks.


All supported voicebanks can be found on the official website.


A tripitch voicebank with a natural soft tone of voice. Pitched at C3, E3, and G3. This voicebank is most suited for Jazz or Pop.


A dualpitch voicebank with a very soft, almost whisper-like tone of voice. Pitched at C3 and F3. Most suited for ballads and softer genres of songs.


A multipitch voicebank with a stronger tone that is necessary for stronger songs. Pitched at C3, E3, G3, and A3. Has since been deprecated and replaced with an Attack voicebank.


A multipitch voicebanks with qualities similar to a Kire voicebank. Pitched at C3, E3, A4, and D4. Currently the highest pitched voicebank and a replacement for his Power voicebank. Most suited for Rock and other genres requiring a powerful voice.


A tripitch voicebank with a lighter and younger tone of voice compared to its predecessors. Pitched at C3, F3. and A#3. This voicebank is more suited for Techno music. Was up for a short time before being quickly taken down. Has since been reinstated.

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