(Japanese:幸せ 音 みゆう (Shiawasene Miyuu)


  • Shiawase: happy
  • Ne:Sound
  • Miyuu: gentle, pleasant
MODEL: M-20.000 (or 20.000)

Yamine Kiyoshi (husband)

Shiawasene Miyuuto (twin, male counterpart with pitch manipulation)

Ami Ichigawa (Friend)

Elemento Ilabaca (Friend)

Biku Ishida (Best Friend)

Kimarune Namiko (compatriot and "little sister")

Nana Nero (friend)

Tei Sukone (idol)

Teto Kasane (Idol)

AGE 19 GENRE Unknown HOMEPAGE Hinatarose (Arletty Annie Ramos Cervantes)
WEIGHT 68 kg CHARACTER ITEM Blackberry pie CREATOR HinataRose (Arletty Annie Ramos Cervantes)
HEIGHT 1.60 cm VOICE SOURCE HinataRose (Arletty Annie Ramos Cervantes) PICTURE LINK LIST DEVIANT ART
BIRTHDAY June 10 1992 LIKES Kiyoshi (her husband) , a piece of blackberry pie and meat with potatos , and another personal item her Kitchen Knife MEDIA LIST YOUTUBE CHANNEL
RELEASE DATE June 10 2011 DISLIKES When a fan-girl stalks to Kiyoshi, the perverted boys and the fake friends SIGNATURE SONG Juntos al fin (at last together)
PERSONALITY: She is a good-girl, gentile and nicely optimistic and happy (just like her name), she likes to help others, but when a girl comes close to Kiyoshi, she threatens the any girl with her kitchen knife.


Shiawasene Miyuu is a character created by http//: www.hinatarose.deviantart.com (HinataRose HinataMizukage in youtube, AnnieElite) or Arletty Annie Ramos Cervantes being the "seiyū" of this, was born on February 26, 2009, the date Release is July 10, 2011. She has two original songs, two models (MMD) and (project diva) and three voicebanks, among them a Soft append.

Its name means (幸せ 音 みゆう: Shiawasene / sound happy Miyuu / gentle, pleasant). Her image is related to a blackberry tart, as her suit and hair give a small object to this characterization.


Shiawasene Miyuu is an optimistic girl, kind, helpful and cheerful UTAUloid She is married with Kiyoshi Yamine which make up a small group called yamine Family / Marriage Yamine, hates it when a girl is hinted to her husband, when another woman approaches him too much, use your kitchen knife to threaten him.


Model: M-20.000

Hair Color: copper

Eye color: hazel

Release date: July 10

Age: 19 years

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite food: tart blackberry and red meat with potatoes

Height: 1.62 m Weight: 68 kg

Nationality/Race: Mexican/japanese

Likes: The quiet (alluding to the name of Kiyoshi, meaning quiet, for that reason enjoys being with), cook and sing with joy and heart. Hates: Perverts, sing to the force, and some girl touch Kiyoshi

Personal Object: blackberry tart / Kitchen knife (sometimes) Quote: "I am happy to work with you"

Miyuu can sing in Japanese (hiragana and kana), Korean and Spanish, the latter two only in reading "kana" his voicebank if configured properly, in a voice range C4.

Resamplers to optimize voice: Fresampler (soft append)


Her hair is coppery brown, straight and long, hazel eyes, fair complexion, usually takes her hair down. Her uniform is a white blouse with purple edges and a speaker shaped wings, like her headphones, her gray pleated skirt, with details in highlights, edged in purple. and their sleeves are diamond shaped (tip end is larger than the first) with a synthesizer aquamarine.

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