Information on this UTAUloid

Hair colour: Lavender
Eye colour: Pink with speckles of red
Hobbies: Running, Blogging, Writing
Occupation: Employee at a fast food restaurant, beauty blogger, UTAUloid singer
Sexuality: Lesbian
Race: None (convinced that she is Stardust's twin)
Nationality: Japanese-Australian
Blood type: OB+
Kita miyu design

Voicebank Configuration

→ Non-VCV
→ 1 pitch (Eb3)
→ Romaji Exclusive
→ Sweet, Husky voice

→ CV
→ 4 pitch (Eb3, B3, C#3, C1)
→ Romaji Exclusive
→ Normal-like voice

→ Non-VCV
→ 1 pitch (Eb3, C2)
→ Latin alphabet
→ Mix between MAGICAL and ORIGINAL

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