(Japanese: 創造ミタ - そうぞうみた - Souzou Mita)

NAME INTERPRETATION: 創造 (souzou) - Creation. Mita created Author Block 27 from her imagination.

Her name could also mean 創造を見た (souzou wo mita) which means "seen creation"

TYPE: Auditor
MODEL: AB27, seen on her UTAU wristband

Melissa Souzou (Younger younger sister)
Habu Jozo (Friend)
Neko Tsukimori (Friend)
Cronic (Husband)
Mito Souzou (Genderbend/Older Brother)
Jay P Shacks (Friend/Ex-boyfriend)
Tibo Hauku (Friend)
Alex Tevaan (Friend)

AGE 59, but that's just an approximation. She is incredibly young. GENRE Not specified HOMEPAGE (site down)
WEIGHT 99 lbs CHARACTER ITEM Notebook and purple pen CREATOR Adlez27
HEIGHT / MEASUREMENTS 5'1" (approx. 152cm) (why do you want measurements, you creep) VOICE SOURCE Adlez27 PICTURE LINK LIST Lolfail i cant artsu
BIRTHDAY May 31 LIKES Singing, Playing piano, (But definitely not at the same time. She can't do that.) reading, writing, and many many many fandoms. MEDIA LIST Soundcloud
RELEASE DATE July 10, 2012 DISLIKES Homework, not having her computer, broken microphones, dying frequently SIGNATURE SONG None

PERSONALITY: 5w5 ISTP. Generally cheerful. She's a little socially awkward and has a bit of mild anxiety. Quite intelligent, but lazy and never finishes anything. She can also get pretty annoying and/or rude sometimes.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Black, illustrated as dark brown
Eye color: Black, illustrated as dark brown
Outfit: The Elric Alchemy School boys uniform, a red UTAU wristband on the left wrist and two hairties on the right wrist. Her genderbend, also wears this, sans wristband and hairties. He wears glasses while Mita does not.
Nationality/Ethnicity: Filipino, but grew up in America (and sounds American)

"Mita Souzou" is Adlez27's self insert for RP. After the self insert was used for a while, Mita Souzou became the name of Adlez27's main UTAU. Adlez's Tumblr is also sometimes used for roleplay, so you can ask questions to Mita.

If you use Pesterchum or MSPARP, Mita is occasionally available for script-style safe-for-work chats. Mita is also in roleplays on UTAforum.

Voice Configuration

Mita currently has three voicebanks, CV+Eng, VCV, and Chinese.

CV+Eng: Mediafire (Self-Installing) Mediafire (RAR)
CV+Eng has Kana-encoded Japanese samples with additional English samples encoded in roman letters. Mita is not romaji compatable, and will sing with the English samples if romaji is attempted.
VCV: 4Shared (RAR)
Standalone VCV. Convert を to お in USTs.
Chinese: 4Shared (RAR)
Based off Xing Huajian, which is modified from Syo's CVVC reclist. An updated version will be made soon.

Planned voicebanks:
Mita Souzou NEXT (7 pitch CVVC Multilingual)
Korean CVVC (based off Sonone Linako)
This bank has been recorded, and a demo can be found on Adlez27's SoundCloud. All that needs to be done is OTOing.

German CVVC
French CVVC
Mita Souzou WHISPER
Mita Souzou RANGE (19 pitch CV)
Mita Souzou CORE (3 pitch VCV with additional shout pitch)
Male Append - Mito Souzou
This bank has been recorded, and just needs OTO adjustments before I can make any demos. A second version will likely be recorded soon.

MMD Models

Mita currently has one LAT MMD model.

Version 1.0
Download: deviantART

Usage Clause

Follow these rules in addition to the UTAU Usage Rules

・No redistribution. You may not claim the voicebank as your own, either. However, you are free to edit WAVs for personal use and distribute OTO.ini, prefix maps, etc.

・Please ask for permission for commercial use. I would like a share of the money earned, but we'll figure that out when we need to.

・Do not use the voicebanks for political or offensive content.

・Please ask permission for X-rated or religious songs.

・Try to minimize profanity when singing in English. "Rolling in the Deep" is fine, but "I Don't Give A F***" is not. Obviously.

・Whenever you use Mita, please properly credit the maker of the voicebank by Adlez27. Other usernames are acceptable but will likely lead to confusion.

・You may not use Mita, the character, in any fanfiction, or roleplay as her, unless given explicit permission. Mita is Adlez27's self-insert.

If you need to contact the maker of Mita, PM her at UTAForum (Adlez27) or email her (

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