Miskyo Satsuriku

Gender: Female Age: 16 Birthday: September 16th


Miskyo is a crazy weirdo who likes to play around a lot. There are times when she has her "Otaku Moments" and can't help but express herself like an anime character would. She's a very friendly girl who likes to get the opportunity to meet new people. Miskyo isn't the type to shy away from challenges, she'll push through anything and smile to her last dying breath.


Hair: She has gray hair that's pulled back into a ponytail, with teal like streaks at the very tips of her hair.

Eye Color: Purple

Clothing: She wears a sleeveless shirt with a long tight collar around her neck. She also has black shorts with a overskirt like cape thing around her waist, which also hangs down in the front, between her legs. Also she has an orange flower that holds up her ponytail, and has long black boots with green flaps. She also wear had gray sleeves, and has purple/gray/teal headphones.

Voice Bank CV

her voice bank is in Romaji wth Hiragana aliases. She sounds best with fresamp or fresamp14

Flags: g-6T0H0c99

You can download Miskyo Satsuriku's Act 2 voice bank here: [[1]]


Miskyo-san [[2]]



Utau Release I=Fantasy Miskyo Satsuriku act 2

Utau Release I=Fantasy Miskyo Satsuriku act 2

Miskyo Satsuriku act 2 demo

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