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Otona ni naritakunaiyo.
—"I don’t want to grow up."

Mischief Shiawasena (幸せな いたずら), looks like a sweet little girl. But she really is a brat who likes to annoy people. When Yume is around her she acts all sweet and adorable , but when Yume looks away she turns evil.


She is an alien girl, from an unknown planet. She came to earth as a child with her two older sisters. And learned to live among the humans, she likes to play pranks on the stupid earthlings.


  • Synthetic flavours
  • Singing
  • Annoying people


  • Everything else


  • Mischief (いたずら) -
  • Shiawasena (ウタ) - Happiness.



  • Hair color - Light blonde
  • Headgear - Purple fake horns
  • Eye color - Grey
  • Ears - Downward pointing elf ears
  • Outfit - Sweater dress with a purple turtleneck sweater underneath, black kneehighs and purple sneakers. She has two black devil wings on her back and a devil tail pokes out from under her sweater. She has freckles on her face, ears, shoulders and legs.


  • Hair color - very saturated yellow.
  • Headgear - Purple fake horns and a moon hairclip.
  • Eye color - Grey.
  • Ears - Downward pointing elf ears.
  • Outfit - A purple dress with stripes, and bycicle shorts underneath and one yellow ring around her waist. She is also wearing a purple top with a fluffy rim around the top and a yellow rim around the bottom the shiawasena logo is on the back in yellow and also on the front but smaller and black, the top is of shoulder and has a zipper on the front. Purple sneakers with a white bottom and thong, some fluff on the top and yellow moons on the side. She is wearing loose purple socks and a yellow bandana on her leg. A little purple choker with a yellow moon around her neck and two big purple bat wings on her back, she also has a tail.


Voicebank distribution

Voicebank Reclist Range Description DL
Act 1 CV E3~G#4 "A shy sweet voice bank" DL
Act 2 CV E3~G5 "A high pitched voice bank with a little attitude" DL
Mischief shiawasena CV CV E3~C5 "A childish clear voice bank" DL
Mischief shiawasena VCV VCV A#3~E5 "A childish clear smoother voice bank" DL

VCV Voice samples

Ust by RewoundClockwork