(Japanese: ミサカ・シューニ Misaka Shuuni)

Misaka (ミサカ、三坂) - Another version of the name "Misaki", but the second "i" is replaced with "a".

Schnee - German for "snow"

Her name is open for interpretation.

MODEL: VSRG - The meaning of her number is unknown. Might stand for "Vanellope, Sugar Rush Glitch"

Mizuiro Hana (Best friend) Tei Sukone (Friend, fellow Yandere)

Kiruku McCoy-Fúrthér (Close friend)

Miku recolors (Enemy)

Kasari Baretu (Enemy)

AGE 17-19 GENRE European Trance, Synth, Dreampop, Indie, Electronica, Pop, Pop Rock HOMEPAGE NONE
WEIGHT 22 lbs (10 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Fountain pen, red licorice stick CREATOR


(Mostly known as mordecaikelly on dA)

BIRTHDAY November 15 (Was set after when the illustrator watched WIR. She watched it on Nov 15, 2013.) (Same birthdate as Yorune Yuriko) LIKES Candy canes, reading, the color green, Kagamine Len MEDIA LIST TBA
RELEASE DATE November 2, 2013 DISLIKES Any Miku recolor, Kagami Kawaiine, Kasari Baretu, Sekai no Kasumi SIGNATURE SONG NONE

PERSONALITY: Misaka is a cheerful, but quiet girl. She thinks that she has something in her that makes people afraid or her or not go near her, but she rarely thinks of it.

In one story arc which is a crossover fanfic between UTAU and WIR, the Sugar Rushers encounter a certain hidden data pack, which turns the Sugar Rushers into UTAUloids, and the "Rightful Ruler" turns into Misaka Schnee (or maybe Misaka von Schnee). Her clothing mainly takes colors from Vanellope's outfit.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Black
Headgear: Nothing
Eye color: Brown with several shades
Earphones: Grey headphones; however this is not shown because of her hair
Dress/Outfit: White long-sleeve dress shirt, dark teal blazer, deep pink tie (which sticks out of the blazer), brown plaid skirt, black knee length socks, dark brown ankle boots.
Others: None
Nationality/Race: Japanese-German

Voice Configuration

Glitch-ly's voice (which kind of sounds like a 13-14 year old teen) without editing or pitch-change. The voicebank is going to be released as soon as she records the rest of the syllables; she's recorded "a", "ka", "sa", "ta", "na", "ha", "ma", and "ya".

She has problems with singing/saying "ro", "re", "ri", "ru", and the rest of the "r" derivatives, because she says the "r" with a hard effect.

Usage Clause

UTAUloid "Misaka Schnee" Usage Clause

Creator - Kelly Sinaga/Glitch-ly

Illustrator - Kelly Sinaga/Glitch-ly

i. You shall NOT use the voicebank in any songs involving obscenity, pornography/hentai, political issues, or profanity.

ii. You shall NOT redistribute the voicebank and claim that the latter is of yours.

iii. You shall NOT sell the voicebank for profit and claim that the latter is of yours. You shall also NOT use the voicebank for commercial purposes.

iv. You shall NOT re-pitch the voicebank using ANY KIND of third party software and create a character using the re-pitched voicebank.

v. You shall NOT create any art of the character involving obscenity and pornography/hentai.

vi. You shall NOT role-play her on YouTube! YT isn't a roleplaying place. However, you can RP her on deviantART (Ask my permission if you wanna rp her or make an ask account on dA of her)

vii. You shall NOT recolor the voicebank's official art, box art, and icon art and use it for another character's art.

If anyone violates one or more of the rules above, he or she will be dealt with responsibly.


Have fun using her! :D

-Misaka's Creator (Glitch-ly/Kelly)

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