(Japanese: ミルク(Miruku) コイビト (Koibito) - みるく(Miruku) こいびと (Koibito) - Miruku Koibito )
Koiboto (Lover) (ミルク(Miruku) コイビト (Koibito))
TYPE: Selfloid - (She's an UTAU version of her creator )
MODEL: Roman Numeral 13 - (It's her favorite number, she thinks it's lucky)
WEIGHT 132 lbs (60 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Dictionary and a carton of 2% milk (She has an expansive vocabulary so whenever she finds a word she doesn't know she always looks it up. Also, she loves to drink 2% milk the most. ) CREATOR Nobara-the-dragon on DA, Lawlietlover600 on YT, Noba-chan on VocaloidOtaku
HEIGHT 5'3" (160 cm) (Same height as creator) VOICE SOURCE Historical-Kasztner on DA, Lawlietlover600 on YT, Noba-chan on VocaloidOtaku PICTURE LINK LIST CONCEPT ART, コイビト (Koibito) PIAPRO, コイビト (Koibito) &s_mode=s_tag PIXIV, koibito DEVIANT ART, koibito_miruku GELBOORU, koibito&as_epq=ミルク(Miruku) コイビト (Koibito) GOOGLE IMAGE, koibito PHOTOBUCKET
BIRTHDAY December 19, 1994 LIKES Milk, reading long books, using large words to confuse people, anime, the internet, music, drawing pictures, World History, cats, military books, military outfits, heavy metal, Sabaton MEDIA LIST /search/ミルク(Miruku) コイビト (Koibito) NICO NICO DOUGA, koibito+%22ミルク(Miruku) コイビト (Koibito) %22 YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE November 11, 2010 DISLIKES Math, Science, P.E., really short books that she can read in 3 seconds, iced tea, polka music, SIGNATURE SONG Our 16Bit Warz
PERSONALITY: She is usually friendly with most people. Has a high tolerance level and very patient. Mostly sits quietly and listens to others ideas, only getting involved when something interests her. She is easily irritated when interrupted when she is reading a book. She loves to read, is usual to find her with a book in her hands. She has a tendency to speed read and miss out on finer details. She is quite a grammar Nazi, as she has the habit of correcting others spelling and pronouncement. She has a large vocabulary so she commonly uses a lot of words that make people confused. Tends to get very angry if anyone abuses any of her books. Has a very obsessive love of History and WILL correct anyone that gets even the slightest tidbit wrong regardless of who it is.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Dark Brown
Headgear: Black-trimmed Glasses
Eye color: Green
Earphones: Black Headphones with Green siding
Dress/Outfit: Green Military-style jacket with Army/Corporal style arrows on sleeves,brown shorts with add-on book clasp, knee/shin-high socks, black boots, black gloves with gold buttons on knuckles
Others: Clip on bag to hold her dictionary.
Nationality/Race: American

Voice Configuration

Planning to record VCV

Has 2 Appends

1. Miruku shy Append

2. Miruku FORCE Append

Popular Appearances

Youtube on Lawlietlover600's channel, historical-kasztner's DA Gallery

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