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Mikio Aino

(Japanese: 愛野 美樹夫 Aino Mikio)

NAME INTERPRETATION: 美樹夫 (Mikio) - Meaning 'tree trunk man.' 愛野 (Aino) - Meaning 'of love.'

Put together his name means, "The tree trunk man of love." A humorus name to compliment his height and green hair (tree like) and loving personality.

TYPE: Onchoid

MODEL: 0002 (refrences the fact that he is the second Onchoid.)

Gender Male Voice Range Related Characters Crush/Friend:

Em Tsupo (Em Tsupo's Wiki Page)

Age 21 Genre Any Homepage Currently None

160 lbs

Character Item Cucumber Creator Em-the-Untamed (Emma Riedel)
Hight 6 ft Voice Source Emma Riedel Picture Link List
Birthday Likes Getting his picture taken, Slightly burnt popcorn, and his high heels. Media List


Release Date Not scheduled yet Dislikes Haters, bad hair days, and his nose. Signature Songs None

Personality:  Mikio Aino is a flirtatious and flamboyant young man who is definitely in touch with his feminine side. Some might even call him downright fabulous (and he knows it.) So, his ego swells every now and then and he may come on a bit strong. As he would say, "If you've got style, then what's the use in hiding it!" Though he expresses unwavering self confidence, he dislikes his nose, complaining that it is "too big and pointy." .......So it's best not to mention it........

This helpless romantic tends to find beauty in everyone, no matter how they look. He's also libel to say what he likes about someone out loud and is prone to nose bleeds, which is not quite socially acceptable. Though often mistaken for a pervert, he is really just an eccentric and loving guy.

Some personal info: Mikio is an open bisexual.


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Supplemental Information

Mikio Official Design

Mikio Aino's Official Design

Hair color: Bright green and flips up on sides.

Headgear: Does not usually wear head gear.

Eye color: Piercing yellow.

Headphones: Large yellow headphones with a microphone attached to the right side.

Dress: He wears a white shirt tied up in front with the knot ends green and yellow. He keeps his sleeves rolled up. His shirt collar along with his high heeled boots are also alternating colors green and yellow. A brown leather belt with a music note buckle decorate his form fitting, white pants.

Nationality/Race: Japanese, Asian.

Quote: "Sure, you can envy me, but you'll never be me. Isn't that a shame?" *Smirks*

Voice Configuration

Mikio's voicebank is not available for the public yet. But soon, his VCV bank will be out and encoded in Kana.

An english bank is scheduled for release some time afterwards.

Usage Clause

As of now, permission is required to do anything with this utau's art, character, and voice. Terms will most likely change once the bank is released.


Onchoid is a series of voices developed by Em-the-Untamed. From the Japanese word "Oncho (音調)" meaning harmony, melody, rhythm, tone.