(Japanese: 雪音ミキ - ゆきねみき - Yukine Miki)

雪音 (Yukine); Snow Sound
美姫/ミキ (Miki; Beautiful princess or Tree, possibly just a feminine boy's name)

TYPE: PurUtau/UTAUloid
MODEL: SW:00 (Sweden:00, imprinted on the left arm of his hoodie) basically just a pun on how he was a joke from the beginning, and wasn't supposed to exist at all.
HERITAGE: Sweden, Stockholm


C4 - C5 @ 90 ~ 170bpm


Kimiko Hidene ("sister" relationship)
Kagamine Len (obsession, a pun on fangirls)
What'shisname("brother" relationship) '  Shinta Amaine '(friend)

Shinya Mino (childhood friend)

HARMON-E (odd sexual tension)

Nitomi Mishka (friend)

NEKUTA (pet)

AGE 14 (it is still canon to say he's 12 though) GENRE Pop, Rock, Electronica, Dance, piano HOMEPAGE

Creator's YouTube pageTwitter

WEIGHT 90lbs (41kg) CHARACTER ITEM Milk CREATOR Purufufuru(illustrator and voicesource)

Concept art

BIRTHDAY February 28, 1998 LIKES Milk, ice cream, small cats, lattes, vanilla, pianos MEDIA LIST YouTube
RELEASE DATE January 3rd, 2011 DISLIKES Zombies, large birds and heights, horror films SIGNATURE SONG Miki Miki One True Viking

PERSONALITY: Miki has no set personality, but he is thought to be very sweet and considerate but to get intimidated and nervous easily. He's depicted as needing someone to rely on a lot and cares a lot for others. He's a deredere, and he cries a lot. He likes playing on the Internet a lot. Miki got his own Twitter account(bot and real) in 2011. If you pet or touch him, he'll react as if you're molesting him and act out weird yaoi sequences. He's a closet masochist. His hair falls down into his eyes a lot.

Supplemental Information

Nationality/Race: Swedish
Hair color: Blue
Headgear: None
Eye color: Hazel (brown/green)
Earphones: White with 6 yellow dots each and an antannae
Color scheme: Blue and dark gray/black

Miki is the first male UTAU from Sweden and the third to have been created(the first being Kimiko Hidene, however Kimiko was not the first to have been released).
The fact that he is suggested to be gay is actually a pun on how it is said that all Swedish men are gay, and his obsession with Len is basically just trolling his fangirls.He is also knows for spouting the phrase "Miruku!". Miki has a planned Gentle/Calm and Power append in the making. He sounds best with resampler.exe

Usage Clause Miki Yukine

This is a free distribution and not for commercial use. Please refrain from using her voicebank in anything offensive, vulgar or distasteful. You are free to use or draw her as you please, with the above rule in effect.
You are NOT, under ANY circumstances, allowed to take this voicebank and modify/alter the samples or claim it as your own. If you want to make a fanmade based on her UTAU be sure TO ASK THE AUTHOR FIRST. Editing the oto.ini is allowed as long as it is to improve the voicebank quality. The voicebank and design may not be used in any kind of pornographic material.

You are also NOT allowed to roleplay as Miki Yukine without the author's permission, though cosplay and such is accepted. You are not allowed to take, recolor or alter her design to create your own characters without the author's permission.

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