Miki Utsuku(Japanese: うつくみき - Utsuku Miki)

Miki's name holds no specific meaning.

TYPE: Mugenloid/UTAUMODEL: 002

Alto Colony (Obsesses Over)

Songu Mugen (Friend)

Iroha Nekomura (Is a large fan of her)

AGE Forever 16 GENRE J-Pop, Ballad, Rock HOMEPAGE Mugenloid Blog
WEIGHT 94 lbs CHARACTER ITEM CREATOR Mugen (MugenSongu) DiPi Mugen (MugenSongu)
HEIGHT / MEASUREMENTS 5'1" feet (155 cm) VOICE SOURCE Dipi Mugen (Mugen Songu) PICTURE LINK LIST
BIRTHDAY Jaunary 1, 1996 LIKES Eating Fish, Plums, Alto Colony, Nekomura Iroha MEDIA LIST
RELEASE DATE January1, 2012 DISLIKES Tei Sukone, Strangers SIGNATURE SONG
PERSONALITY: Miki is a very shy boy who only trusts his friends (mostly Songu). He is a huge fan of Iroha Nekomura and an even bigger fan of the utauloid, Alto Colony. He doesn't talk much unless spoken to first. He is absolutely terrified of Tei Sukone.

Supplemental Information

Occupation: None

Hair color: Bright Blond

Headgear: A small purple hat (similar to that of Ritsu Namine) with a power sign on it.

Eye color: Blue-green

Earphones: Plain circles. Purple with black power signs

Nationality/Race: French

Voice Configuration

Miki is a Japanese only voicebank that reads both kana and romanji.

You can download his Act1 CV voicebank here.

You can download his Act2 CV voicebank here. (Act2 has extra sounds to help better mimic languages besides Japanese, but has a more distinct boyish tone than Act1. The flag: g-3 is reccomended when using it).