Mikanmon is a voicebank for the UTAU program.


"A cute girl who have a bad manner,rude and sadism."

Mikanmon is a codename. She is a boss of gangster in elementary school. She always treat other people like a slave.

Her real name is Takemitsu Mikan. She is half Japanese-Thai. When she was 1 year old Mikanmon's parents was passaway by a car accident. So she can't remember about her parent.

Today Mikanmon live with her older brother "Melonpan" or "Takemitsu Masahiro" in apartment.

Mikan always call her brother "Masohiro" from "Masahiro" and "Masocism".

They are Maguro San's neighbor. They don't know Maguro San true identity.

  • Item: baseball bat
  • Like: all sport,sake,ume-shu,aroma candle
  • Dislike: shrimp,fruits(especially orange),homework


  • Mikan - Her surname,orange
  • mon - patamon (her hairstyle look like patamon wings)


  • eyes colour - green
  • hair colour - orange

Voicebank distribution

Mikanmon VCV Voicebank



  • Voice Pitch: F4
  • Logical range : B3-D5
  • Oto by Ryan-kun or ryanlanuza18@dA

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Twitter : TempoPriMo999

E-mail : tempoprimo@outlook.co.th

Youtube : Tempo PriMo

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