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(Japanese: 印綬音ミドリ - いんじゅねみどり - Injune Midori)
印綬音 (Injune; Sound of the ribbon)
ミドリ (Midori; Green as in the color.)
TYPE: MCloid (Macchaloid)

Midato Injune (Genderbend/Cousin)

Aiko Kikyuune (Friend - affiliates with UTAU XYZ)

Tei Shizuka (Friend)

Shura Kirane (Friend)

Ron Keine (One-sided love interest)

Rei Daisanne (junior figure)

Maccha Maccha (Little brother figure)

AGE 16 GENRE Any (Varies by user) HOMEPAGE Injune Midori
WEIGHT 135 lbs (61.23 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Green tea CREATOR Xue/Inuyashacatlover/LuXiongMao
BIRTHDAY May 17, 2009 LIKES pandas, bamboo, kung fu, Chinese clothing (more specifically, Kung fu clothing), Dim sum, lotus flowers, anything made of green tea MEDIA LIST YOUTUBE

May 17, 2009 (Voice release)

July 08, 2009 (ACT 1 Ver 1.0 VB release date)

DISLIKES Dresses, skirts (especially pink ones), anything that is really girly SIGNATURE SONG TBA
PERSONALITY: Midori is mature and reserved. Although she may give off an intimidating presence sometimes, she is actually quite nice. She tends to be a bit mean to her creator and her cousin Midato, but it is because they can be annoying and really weird sometimes. Midori is shy around the boy she likes.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Lime Green
Headgear: Black ribbon that ties her hair at the nape of her neck.
Eye color: Dark Green.
Earphones: Black headset with lime green illuminations.
Dress: A green, kung fu style shirt with dark green buttons and yellow-green bows on each side of her waist. cut-off sleeves that are yellow-green at the edges and have yellow-green screens attached. A green and yellow-green striped belt falls off her left hip. Black pants that come to her knees that are yellow-green at the edges, with yellow-green bows. She also has black, kung fu shoes. Some parts of her clothing glow such as the buttons on her shirt, the top edges of her cut off sleeves, and the bows on her shirt and pants. The glow is optional and may be turned on and off. Midori actually prefers it if her clothes don't glow
Nationality/Race: Chinese.

Voice Configuration

Midori can currently only sing in Japanese, but is planned to sing Chinese, English, and German. Her voicebank can be downloaded here. Appends are being planned, but information about which types of appends are yet to be released. To get Midato's voice, Midori's cousin/genderbend, a gender factor of around +15-20 is needed if using the main VB. Setting the Bre and Mod as 0 and adding flags such as Y or H in a ust usually yields the best results when using Midori's voice.

ACT 4 is currently being recorded and may possibly be Midori's final ACT. It may be released on Midori's birthday/3rd anniversary. Other types of voicebanks are being planned however not much information will be released until much later.

Notable Works

Her voice can be heard here and here.

Terms and Conditions

Do not make Injune Midori sing anything that's offensive or anything overly sexual.

It is not required, but it is requested that you send a notification (either through PM or e-mail) to the creator (Inuyashacatlover/Xue/LuXiongMao) if you make Injune Midori sing. If you decide not to send a message, at least put Injune Midori's Japanese, English or Chinese name in the description or tag it.

The same rules apply for fanart of any kind. Do not draw anything offensive or overly sexual, and notifying and tagging is requested but not required.

Do not use Injune Midori for any commercial purposes (i.e. the selling of related art or musical productions) without explicit permission from the creator (Inuyashacatlover/Xue/LuXiongMao) Do not re-upload any existing art or videos of Injune Midori (Videos, and art created by Inuyashacatlover/Xue/LuXiongMao or by others, that have been uploaded to Youtube, Nico Nico Douga, Pixiv, or Deviantart) without permission. Permission must be obtained for the use of said art and use of name and persona of Injune Midori for any roleplaying purposes.

Certified true and correct from Midori's voicer and creator, Inuyashacatlover/Xue/LuXiongMao. The contents of this page may be subject to change without prior notice.