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(Michi's voice was changed in July 19, 2016)

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Full body



  • Michi is allergic to crabs.
  • She likes to eat shrimps.
  • Likes to take bubble baths everyday.
  • Her favorite anime is JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
  • She learns how to speak English very well.
  • She good at playing the electric cello.
  • She goes to bed at 10:30 PM.
  • Michi is Bisexual, which means she has a crush on Macne Petit and a unnamed boyfriend.
  • Likes to read Manga. (Horror manga, Yaoi, manga, Comedy manga.....etc.)
  • Michi wakes up at 8:10 AM. (Sometimes, she doesn't like to be waken up.)
  • While singing, she almost sounds like Lucy Loud. (The Loud House)
  • Her favorite movie is Wolf Children.
  • Her favorite color is green and black.
  • She and her unnamed boyfriend became in a relationship for 10 years.
  • Likes to play Bayonetta every night.

Supplemental Information

  • Hair color: Green
  • Headgear: Windows logo hat
  • Eye color: Green
  • Earphones: None
  • Dress: See the concept art
  • Others: Beauty mark on her right face
  • Nationality/Race: Presumably Japanese
  • Favorite phrase: Dono yō ni watashi wa ima made, kono yōna haisha no hitobito ni kakoma reta nodesu ka? (どのように私は今まで、このような敗者の人々に囲まれたのですか?; How do I ever, did you surrounded by people of such a loser?)

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