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(Japanese: 外音マヨ - そとねまよ)

外音 (Sotone; Outside/Foreign Sound) マヨ (Mayo; A common Japanese Name)
Mayo is not related to the other Sotone family, composed of Riza, Nene, Clyde, Bonnie, or Paciano Sotone, created initially by Orochi Herman.

TYPE: Shimaloid - ("Shima" is the Japanese word for "Stripe")

Aiko Kikyuune Idol.

Nigane Niki Sister, but not recorded as of yet

Karane Kaya
Cousin, but not recorded as of yet

AGE 15 GENRE Alternative HOMEPAGE [None as of yet]
WEIGHT 136 lbs (62 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Mayonnaise, MP3 player CREATOR ZelfieWindwalker
BIRTHDAY March 14, 2011 (Her birthday is her release date) LIKES spicy foods, drawing, reading, music MEDIA LIST YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE March 14, 2011 DISLIKES bugs, annoying people, being labeled as shy SIGNATURE SONG [None as of yet]

PERSONALITY: While ZFW has given Sotone Mayo a personality, she would like to leave it open to interpretation.

Sotone Mayo is quite tall; however, she generally feels short around friends, who are often taller than her. She is "not so girly" and often attempts to act more tomboyish or tough. Sotone Mayo is rather shy when meeting new people, but when she opens up to people she is talkative. She dislikes being called shy. Mayo has a highly active imagination and often gets distracted, creating various doodles, stories, etc. She is learning Japanese and therefore feels insecure when speaking in the language.

Supplemental Information

Hair: Brown, in low pigtails.
Eye color: Bright Green
Earphones: White with adjustment switches on the headphones. There is a flower clip and ribbons on the left side.
Dress/Outfit: Wears a T-shirt, skirt, gloves, and boots. Also wears shorts underneath her skirt.
Color scheme: Primarily green, with red and dark blue accents.

Voice Configuration

Mayo was originally recorded and edited in Audacity. However, her creator is now contemplating using OREMO for all future voicebanks. As of now, she can only sing in Japanese, but later, a VCV and VCCV voicebank may be added, opening up a range of languages to use.

Sotone Mike can be pitched by using a g+10 flag and moving the lyrics to a lower octave accordingly. I.e., a UST typically in the C4~C5 range should be moved to the corresponding notes in the C3~C4 range.

For Act 1, a g-5 flag can be used to produce a tone closer to that of ZFW. This is resolved in Act 2 and no pitching flags are required.

Concerning other flags, Berin found that the best configuration for Act 2 is Fresamp with Y0H10BRE0 flags.

Her voicebank can be downloaded here: 4shared Link

Usage Clause


1. DO NOT use Sotone Mayo to violate laws and ordiances and/or promote the violation of laws or ordiances.
2. DO NOT impersonate the maker of Sotone Mayo in any way.
3. Please contact ZFW before using Mayo for commercial purposes.


1. No rule 34 art, please. Mayo is underage.

   ===== As a side note, this particularly applies to "Lemon" and heavier versions of "Lime." Light lime is okay--for example, making art for "Romeo and Cinderella" doesn't violate this rule. =====

2. Please don't use her voice for a pitchloid. Genderbends are ok, but they must be edited inside UTAU.

Roleplay, Fanworks, and General Usage

1. It's OKAY to use Sotone Mayo in a roleplay without permission.
2. Please credit ZFW for the UTAU~
3. Fan-created music, artwork, doujins, fanfiction, etc. are completely acceptable and highly encouraged!

You can contact Zelfie Windwalker at for further questions.Other than that, have fun!~

Some details are based on existing information and usage experience. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.