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Maynajo Karjalainen is a voicebank for the UTAU program.


Maynajo is "revived" shadromancer. He revived long, long time ago and even almost forget his human life. Sometimes he remember that he had his own music group - "СтудзеньТ", and realized, from where he knows some of raiders - Timon, Yan and Kenko were members of that group. At Shado Maynajo was long time a "right hand" of leader of raiders (Sabishii), and when Sabishii disappeared, become a leader by himself.


Maynayo is a raider, he is "open soul", cheerful and sociable. He likes to joke on his pal, Maore, and sometimes this jokes become dirty and vulgar. May is a big fan of creepy films, black humour and russian group "2rbina 2rista". Maore think that May was beaten by his immoral life, and always get an answer like "and you died from boredom, sweety". Also he is one of those shadromancers who saved the habit of eating human food. He really adore tasty food, sometimes this food is unhealthy, but due to the fact that shadromancer can live without human food, Maynajo never become fat or get illness. Sometimes he thinks that his mother, which he does not remember anything, would have been pleased if he had settled down and started a family. He rages when somebody's called him by his full name.

  • Item - mobile phone, double hand sword
  • Likes - parties, creepy films, dirty jokes
  • Dislikes - gays, his full name


  • Maynajo - excellent (fin)
  • Karjalainen - “person, who live in Karelia” (fin)


  • Hair color - red
  • Headgear - none
  • Eye color - red
  • Earphones - none
  • Outfit - default outfit represents dark grey shirt with red border, black jacket, black jeans and red shoes.


Voicebank distribution

Voicebank Reclist Range Description DL
CV Japanese CV С3-С6 "Released on June 24, 2015." no DL
VCV Japanese VCV 7mora С3-С6 "Released on February 23, 2016. ​Contains unfinished belarussian additive.
Moved to Hikaru Namai
no DL​
Shift Japanese VCV 8mora,
Russian Heiden.BZR's CVC1,
Belarussian additive
С3-С6 "3-languaged voicebank. Belarussian part won't work separate from other parts. Also contains extra grohl-CV." MEGA
Medicae Russian Heiden.BZR's CVC1
+extra samples for belarussian language
С3-С6 "Released on June 24, 2015." mediafire

Voice details

  • Input - romaji encoded and romaji+hiragana aliased
  • System - Microsoft Windows

Voice samples

Additional information

Terms of Use

All the provisions below shall be applied to the voicebank, Maynajo Karjalainen.

  • R-18 Content Allowed? Permission Not Required
  • Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Required
  • Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
  • Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Yes, but derivatives must be created with permission
  • Click here to view the full terms of use for this UTAU.


  • B-day - April 23


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