Matsu Mochiyuki (餅雪マツ) is a voicebank for the UTAU program.


Matsu is an airheaded young woman who spends most of her time thinking about winter. A bit on the shorter side, she often needs help reaching things. She likes sugary treats and her girlfriend, Koburi Meka.

She often misses the punchlines of jokes.


Matsu has dark skin with purple-gray eyes and white hair. She wears a patterned ribbon in her hair. She wears a blue and pink dress, the skirt decorated with lace and flowers like her ribbons. She also dons a light brown jacket with a lighter brown fur trim. She has a darker pink garter belt holding up sheer brown socks. Her shoes of choice are brown loafers.

Voicebank Information

Matsu has a VCV voicebank with a soft tone. She was recorded at C4 and has an optimal range of F3~A4. Her bank download is


  • Matsu's character item is a dango
  • She likes snow and ice cream
  • She overheats easily
  • Matsu was originally a Christmas UTAU, but the idea got scrapped after UTAUZelda didn't voice Koburi Meka in time
  • She dislikes complexity.
  • Matsu is canonically half Japanese and half African-American.
  • She and Meka started dating when Matsu wasn’t out yet
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