Masanee Muchuune

Masanee - マサニー (A play on the name Masami)

Muchuu - 怒って (Mad) Ne - ね'(Sound)'

TYPE: UTAUloid/JOKEloid (Her voicebank is not to be taken seriously)

Model: -CeRi 10-

Gender: Female Voice Range: C3-C4 Related UTAUloids:

Masami Akane (bitter enemy, dislikes her with a passion)

Pengu Penginoid (bitter enemy)

Masaru Tsuyoshine (Considers herself his Waifu)

Age: UNKNOWN Genre: Varied Homepage: UNKNOWN
Weight: Too heavy Character Item: Squashed Sakura Mochi Creator: DarkBox-V2K
Height: Too short Voice Source: DarkBox-V2K Picture Link List: deviantART
Birthday: January 9th Likes: Trampolines, Shiny objects and Masaru Tsuyoshine. Media List:



Release date: 09/02/2013 Dislikes: Masami Akane, pretty voices and pretty people. Signature Song: Demon Girlfriend

Personality: Masanee literally hates everything and almost everyone. She is a serious Yandere when it comes down to anyone talking to or touching her "Husband" Masaru. She is a very violent person and harbours a strong hatred for anything or anyone cute. Masanee hates Masami. Masanee feels that she is the superior UTAU between the two of them. She often calls Masami a "Failure" and "Worthless" to the point where she'll have Masami in tears. Masanee also strongly dislikes her on the grounds that Masaru seems to like Masami more than her. It is known that she has an obsessive crush on Masaru Tsuyoshine. Once she's on the war path, the only way to shake her off is to throw a shiny object in her direction.


Masanee's Full body Concept.



EYE COLOR: Black (Though if it were to be determined, brown)


COLOR SCHEME: Pink, grey, black and cerise.


OUTFIT: Grey shirt similar to Haku Yowane’s that buttons at the front and a pink tie. Black shorts equipped with two pink and purple belts. (One belt around waist, the other hangs like most other Vocaloids/UTAUs) also wears cerise socks, the right leg is higher than the left leg. She also wears balck arm warmers. She also has one stripe under her left eye that reaches her chin similar to Masami Akane.


Masanee was officially released 09/02/13.

Masanee's current voicebank only supports Japanese. She is encoded for both Hiragana and Romaji and it is not yet known how well she performs in Engrish terms.

It is advised for those who download her that she be set at C3 at all times for the best results. The flags advised are B0Y0g4 and you can use any resampler with her.

The voicebank can only be downloaded if the password is recieved. If you want to use Masanee's voicebank you will have to contact her creator, DarkBox-V2K, at either her e-mail address or dA account.


  • This voicebank is free to use as long as the guidelines are followed!
  • Masanee is not for commercial use!
  • Please do NOT edit her voice (via, pitching etc.) and claim it as yours.
  • Do NOT use Masanee’s voice bank for offensive purposes. That’s not what her voicebank was created for!
  • You MAY change her attire (as long as you make sure to keep her physical figure correct: pot bellied and chest hangs a little low.) to fit the song if you are to create the image for the song in use. Please DO NOT tamper with her appearance otherwise.
  • Don’t create an UTAU based off Masanee without asking!

Song Covers

Song Title OTO.INI Present ACT Used: Original by Length Additional Information Link
AaAaAaAAaAaAAa -Band Edition- YES ACT1 Miku Hatsune 3:44 N/A AaAaAaAAaAaAAa
I Love You YES ACT1 2NE1 3:58 Performed with Masami Akane, Masaru Tsuyoshine and Pengu Penginoid. I Love You
Cendrillon YES ACT1 Miku Hatsune and KAITO 4:37

Performed with Masaru Tsuyoshine.

Mixed and Uploaded by SpiritGhost

Magnet YES ACT1 Miku Hatsune and Luka Megurine 4:03 Performed with Sekushi Beikon Magnet
Demon Girlfriend YES ACT1 Rin Kagamine 4:16 ACT Release Demon Girlfriend


  • Masanee has no outstanding skills like her counterparts. (baking, cooking etc.)
  • She is jealous of Masami's closeness to Masaru.
  • Masanee dislikes anything pretty. This ranges from pretty flowers to pretty people. This is a strong reason as to why she dislikes Pengu Penginoid.
  • Masanee's eye is intentionally styled to "glitch" through her hair.
  • Masanee only has 4 fingers on her hands -- three fingers and a thumb.
  • Masanee's fingers are actually claws. This allows her to climb walls and cliff faces.
  • Masanee's face is like rubber and can change into any facial expression -- excluding happy ones.
  • When Masanee is in a rage, she will literally chase the person down until she catches them.
  • Masanee's favorite animal is gorillas.

All information about Masanee on this page is certified true by her creator, DarkBox-V2K. DO NOT CHANGE ANY INFORMATION OF THIS UTAULOID WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION.

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