==Masamune Natsumi

Trick or Treat Utau Masamune Natsumi X Masamune Natsuo-0

Trick or Treat Utau Masamune Natsumi X Masamune Natsuo-0

Natsumi and Natsuo act 3 voicebank

A converted

Natsumi Masamune


Gender: Female

Voice Range: Unknown

Related Characters: Masamune Natsuo

Age: 17

Genre: Any

Weight: 150 pounds

Character item: Chocolate Bar

Creator: XDistortedPrincessX

Type: Yandere Utauloid

Voice Source:


Birthday: December 31st

Likes: Spicy food, ice cream, waffles, playing video games, sleeping, pancakes, cupcakes, Slender man, cake, brownies, minecraft, mushrooms, almost any animal, Akaito, Taito, Baking, singing, revenge, and being herself.

Dislikes: Megurine Luka (enemies) monkeys, being up staged, having to big of boobs, pineapples, anyone that looks 'up her skirt. Stress, airplanes.



Release Date: December 31st 2012

Voicebank ACT 1:

Voicebank ACT 2:


Natsumi is a fun loving utau but if you get anywhere near her master, and pose a threat, you will be dead before you can blink.Natsumi and her brother Natsuo are similar to Kasane Teto and Ted, like many of the vocaloid and utauloid world, Natsuo is a mirror image of Natsumi. Natsumi is a great person to be around (beside when she goes yandere and your someone she hates) 

Character Design

.Hair Color: Grape Red

Eye Color: Grape Red

Outfit: D'age (Default outfit)

Headphones: (Not shown in picture) Light up circle shaped headset

Other: Bra size: E cup

Name Interperataion:

正宗 -(Masamune)- Uncommon

なつみ-(Natsumi)- Common name

Model: model number unavalible (error)


  • Natsumi is bisexual and can genderbend if she wants
  • Originally Natsuo is the genderbend of Natsumi
  • Loves anime
  • Looks up to Natsuo
  • Would love to do a duet with Kai Kim, Kasane Teto, Hatsune Miku, Kaito Shion .etc
  • Natsumi was not accepted as a vocaloid unlike her sister Yuki

​Extra Charater Relation

  • Namine Ritsu (Love intrest)
  • Yokune Ruko (Things happened between them..)
  • Kasane Teto (good friends)
  • Mayu (Fellow yandere)
  • Makune Hachi (first voicebank sound alike)
  • Yuki (vocaloid sister)
  • Ueda Mariko (Best friends)


MMD model comming soon

Natsumi's original design was not as intented in depicted photo. Natsumi's hair was originally going to be purple, her hair was not intended to be in pigtails either, her hair was also suppose to be down, short and curly.