Masami Akane


Masami – 正巳 (Elegant Beauty)
Aka 赤 (Red) Ne ね (Sound)


MODEL: =94= *Located on her left shoulder blade




Hiroki Akane (Younger Brother)

Aimi Akane (Younger Sister)

Pengu Penginoid (Considers her baby sister)

Reinon Risa (Close friend, common singing partner)

NARA (Friend)

Masaru Tsuyoshine (on/off boyfriend, crush)

Masanee Muchuune (Enemy)



BIRTHDAY: 12th August LIKES: Sakura Mochi, calm weather and Volleyball. MEDIA LIST:





ACT0.1 (12/10/2012)


DISLIKES: Show-Offs, storms and Lazy people. SIGNATURE SONG: Coward Montblanc

PERSONALITY: Masami is a quiet individual who rarely communicates with others. She is best described as kind and rather caring. Unlike Masaru and Pengu, Masami is extremely quiet, to the extent that she will rarely talk at all. She might seem intimidating at first glance but she has a heart of gold.
She is also very focused and organised. Despite being friends for a long time, Masami tries to avoid a romantic relationship with Masaru Tsuyoshine, her reasons remain unknown both to him and the public. She is best described as having a Dandere personality.

Supplemental Information


Masami's ACT 0.1 attire.

EYE COLOUR: Aquamarine (Sometimes pictured as green by fans)
COLOUR SCHEME: Cerise, black, white and silver.
EARPHONES: Silver headphones with red illumination. (Not Pictured)
OUTFIT: Black shirt similar to Haku Yowane’s that buttons at the front and a cerise tie. Black shorts equipped with two cerise belts. (One belt around waist, the other hangs like most other Vocaloids/UTAUs) also wears black, white and cerise knee high lace-up shoes. Wears long black and cerise arm warmers. Masami also wears a studded choker around her neck. She also has one stripe under her left eye that reaches her chin.

Future ACT Releases

Having just been released with her ACT0.1, Masami is going to be updated to ACT2 sometime in the future. This will focus on pronounciation and quality.

An APPEND has been planned for Masami and goes by the name CONFIDENCE.

More information on the confidence Append can be found below.

Announced on December 12th 2012, Masami Akane will be recieveing a VCV voicebank in 2013. It is also speculated she will be getting a Chinese Voicebank later on in the same year.

ACT1 Release

Masami's ACT 1 was released 03/07/2012.

Her oto.ini had been altered and constructed by Mira Tsutsuma's Creator, Stre-chan who also went on to release the first NEWCOMER video for Masami performing a duet with Mira. The link to the cover can be seen in the Song Covers.

Masami is lined up to have another ACT as her voice samples are raw compared to that of other UTAU created and voiced by DarkBox-V2K.

Her signature song, Coward Montblanc can be viewed here.

Download Masami's ACT1 voicebank here.

ACT0.1 Information

Masami has been planned for an upgrade from her ACT1, it is also known as her ACT0.1.

Due to close similarities to Pengu Penginoid's voicebank, Masami's voice is to be completely re-done to sound less raw and less like the other UTAU voiced by the same creator.

Download Masami's ACT 0.1 voicebank here.

ACT2 Information

Masami Akane's ACT2 Attire.

Masami's ACT2 Voicebank was confirmed on February 7th 2013.

The voicebank will be the last CV voicebank as Masami will move to VCV in her ACT3. The voicebank is planned to be higher quality than both her previous banks and will hopefully perform better by sounding more natural on higher notes.


EYE COLOUR: Aquamarine (Sometimes pictured as green by fans)
COLOUR SCHEME: Cerise, black, white, pink and blue.
OUTFIT: Masami wears a black and cerise corset over a short, sleeveless shirt. She still wears her cerise tie. The shirt itself has no back so that her Model number could be exposed. She wears a black skirt with two pinks lines and thigh-high socks to match. Her armwarmers have been replaced with transparent sleeves that are held in place by cerise cuffs on both the upperarms and the wrists. The material over the boots is similar however, rather than transparent material, the material is black. She has the same transparent material under her skirt. Masami wears white and cerise shoes. Her underwear is also slightly exposed over the top of her skirt and she wears three checkered belts.

You can download Masami Akane's ACT2 here!

You can also download Masami Akane's RIPSYNC Model here!

Confidence Append

Masami Akane's Confidence Append.

Masami Akane has been planned a Confidence Append.

Her confirmed design can be seen on the right.

In her design, Masami's hair is tied back and she wears a volleyball attire that was inspired by one of her creator's favorite childhood characters, Natsu a female volleyball player from the Capcom Arcade game Rival Schools.

Her personality somewhat differs from her original, she is more upbeat, approachable and genuinely more confident, hence the title of the append. The Append was also inspired by the fact Masami likes volleyball. Her family name is written on both the front of her jacket and on the back. In her alternate design, her jacket is removed showing the shirt she wears under it. 'AKANE' is also printed on its back as well as the 94 on her shoulders.

It is evident that Masami might have injured her left ankle as she wears a bandage which is just visable above her sock.

Her character item for her Append is a volleyball.

Her Confidence Append is currently in the making and is not yet up for download.

Voice Configuration

Voicebank ACT1 was released 03/07/12.

Masami's current voicebank only support Japanese. She is encoded for both Hiragana and Romaji and it is not yet known how well she performs in Engrish terms. She is still missing a couple of sounds and her samples are raw compared to that of Pengu Penginoid who has been released for two months.

She will have more sounds and hopefully sound more smooth in her ACT2 voicebank.

Using the flags C20E6Y0g+6 will allow Masami to sound 'less' raw.

She also works with both freesamp. and resamp.


Voicebank ACT0.1 was released 12/10/12.

This voicebank only supports Japanese. She is encoded for both Hiragana and Romaji and it is still not yet known how well she performs in Engrish terms. She has more sounds than her previous voicebank, ACT1 but more will be added in for her next voicebank, ACT2.

Her ACT0.1 is completely different from her ACT1 voicebank as her voice is softer and more developed than her first. She has been tested and successfully works with the resampler bkh01 as long as the B10H40 flags are used.

She also works with both TIPS and the common Resampler.


Voicebank ACT2 was released 07/06/13.

This voicebank supports Japanese and limited Engrish. She is encoded for both Hiragana and Romaji. She performed well for Engrish parts. She has more sounds than both her previous voicebanks and is higher quality.

Again, Masami's voice changed from her ACT0.1/ACT2 transition sounding more lower and clearer. She has been tested and successfully works with the resampler bkh01 as long as the B10H40 flags are used. She also works with the common Resampler using the flags Y0H0c99. Constant Velocity should be set between 95 and 130.

Usage Clause

  • This voicebank is free to use as long as the guidelines are followed!
  • Masami Akane and her siblings are not for commercial use!
  • Please do NOT edit her voice (via, pitching etc.) and claim it as yours.
  • Do NOT use Masami’s voice bank for offensive purposes. That’s not what her voicebank was created for!
  • You MAY change her attire (excluding her facial features and her eye/hair color) to fit the song if you are to create the image for the song in use. Please DO NOT tamper with her appearance otherwise.
  • Don’t create an UTAU based off Masami without asking!

Song Covers

Song Title OTO.INI Present ACT Original Artist Length Additional Information Link
Coward Montblanc YES ACT1 GUMI 3:58 2nd Release Video Coward Montblanc
Ai Dee YES ACT1 Miku Hatsune & Luka Megurine 4:44 Uploaded by SasukexRosy and Performed alongside Mira Tsutsuma. (1st Release Video) Ai Dee
Leia YES ACT1 Luka Megurine 4:01 Performed against Penginoid.

Leia (Vs Ver.)

Leia (Solo ver.)

Jabberwocky Jabberwocka YES ACT1 Rin & Len Kagamine 3:08 Performed alongside Sahira Tsuneku. Jabberwocky Jabberwocka
Hope YES ACT1 Miku Hatsune 3:18 Uploaded by Chacolachao Hope
Coward Montblanc YES ACT1-REdone GUMI 3:58 ACT1-REdone Coward Montblanc
Fukai Mori YES ACT-REdone

Do As Infinity

4:03 ACT-REdone Fukai Mori
Ladies First YES ACT-REdone Miku Hatsune and Luka Megurine 5:30 Performed alongside Pengu Penginoid Ladies First
Yume Sakura YES ACT-REdone Rin & Len Kagamine   Performed alongside Sho Sakurai. Yume Sakura

PianoxForte xScandal

YES ACT-REdone Meiko(?) 3:52 N/A PianoxForte xScandal
Aitai YES ACT-REdone GUMI 4:58 N/A Aitai
Scissor Hands YES ACT-REdone Miku Hatsune 4:35 N/A Scissor Hands

This is the Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee

YES ACT-REdone Miku Hatsune 4:31 Performed alongsideSho Sakurai and Makoto NIKPOID.

This is the Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee

Mirishira Romeo and Cinderella YES ACT 0.1 Otouto no ane(?) 4:41 ACT0.1 release. Mirishira Romeo and Cinderella
Meltdown YES ACT 0.1 Rin Kagamine 5:29


Uploaded by JustCallMeJash

Gocha Gocha Urusee YES ACT 0.1 Akita Neru(?) 2:41

ACT 0.1

Uploaded by Stre-Chan

Performed alongside Mira Tsutsuma

Gocha Gocha Urusee

Tailor Shop On Enbizaka

YES ACT 0.1 Luka Megurine(?) 6:41

ACT 0.1

Uploaded by JustCallMeJash

Performed alongside Mizuko Ayane

Tailor Shop On Enbizaka (solo ver.)

Tailor Shop On Enbizaka (duet ver)

Top Secret YES ACT 0.1 Miku Hatsune 3:47 N/A Top Secret
Akatsuki Arrival YES ACT0.1 Miku Hatsune and Luka Megurine 4:42 Performed with Reinon Risa Akatsuki Arrivial
Sweet Shackles YES ACT0.1 Gumi [Sweet] 5:04 N/A Sweet Shackles
Tsukiakari no Michishirube YES ACT 0.1 Stereopony 4:02 N/A Tsukiakari no Michishirube
Psychotic Love Song YES ACT 0.1 Len Kagamine 5:04 N/A Psychotic Love Song
Alice Human Sacrifice YES ACT 0.1 Miku Hatsune, KAITO, MEIKO and Rin & Len Kagamine 3:06 Performed alongside NEKO, Hiro Shishiza, Andrew Saw and NARA. Alice Human Sacrifice
Dream Meltic Halloween YES ACT 0.1 Miku Hatsune, KAITO, MEIKO, Rin & Len Kagamine, Gakupo and Luka Megurine 3:40 Performed alongside Maxy Sasayaku, Reinon Risa, Makoto NIKPOID, Neropoid, Sho Sakurai and Mira Tsutsuma. Dream Meltic Halloween
Crazy Clown YES ACT0.1 KAITO & Miku Hatsune 2:17 Performed alongside Kyoun Koko. Crazy Clown
Ikasama Life Game YES ACT0.1 GUMI 4:10 Uploaded by SaiomiShindo_Yuki Ikasama Life Game
Colorful x Melody YES ACT0.1 Rin Kagamine and Miku Hatsune

Uploaded by SaiomiShindo_Yuki

Performed alongside Pengu Penginoid.

Colorful x Melody
Wrinkles YES ACT0.1 GUMI 4:18 N/A Wrinkles
Waltz of Anomalies YES ACT0.1 Miku Hatsune 5:40 Uploaded by SaiomiShindo_Yuki Waltz of Anomalies
Tsugai Kogarashi YES ACT0.1 MEIKO and KAITO 3:43 Performed alongside Masaru Tsuyoshine. Tsugai Kogarashi
I Love You YES ACT0.1 2NE1 3:58

Performed alongside Masaru Tsuyoshine, Pengu Penginoid and Masanee Muchuune.

Japanese Version.

I Love You
From Y to Y YES ACT0.1 Hatsune Miku 5:32

Performed alongside Reinon Risa.

Uploaded and mixed by SpiritGhost.

From Y to Y
Furan Furan Zombie YES ACT0.1 Gumi and CUL 3:21

Performed alongside Reinon Risa.

Uploaded and mixed by SpiritGhost.

Furan Furan Zombie
Magnet YES ACT0.1 Luka Megurine and Miku Hatsune 4:03 Performed alongside Masaru Tsuyoshine. Magnet

Trivia and Information

  • Masami suffers from Astraphobia, the fear of thunder and lightning.
  • Masami is best described to have Dandere characteristics.
  • Masami likes the occassional match of volleyball.
  • There is a telltale sign when Masami has a crush on someone is that she gets a minor case of hiccups around them.
  • Masami is also self concious about her looks as she is aware that she is slightly 'top heavy'.
  • Masami rarely talks to anyone unless it's someone she grows close to.
  • Masami considers herself the weaker UTAU when compared to Masaru and Pengu.
  • She has been Masaru Tsuyoshine's best friend since they were children.
  • Masami stays in the same place as Masaru and Pengu leading to the three becoming roommates.
  • Masami works nearher home as a waitress and has a disliking for the work uniform.
  • Masami can't cook anything and most products return burned or inedible.
  • It is known that Masami has an on/off relationship with Masaru Tsuyoshine.

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