Fuwa Mario (不破マリオ (ふわまりお)) is a voicebank for the UTAU and UTAU-Synth program.



Mario was originally released with a CV voicebank named ORIGINAL in April 4, 2015 alongside Maria Fuwa. A few months later, he had a VCV voicebank in the works, but that was later scrapped due to an HDD failure.


His VCV voicebank was then rerecorded a year later, albeit its low quality (due to it being recorded with a laptop microphone). Unlike his CV voicebank, it couldn't reach higher octaves that strong.


With a new microphone in hand, Mario's EXTRA voicebank was released in the beginning 2017, which served as his default multipitch voicebank. His RANCOUR (power append) voicebank was released the same year. However, both voicebanks suffered from Moresampler-generated configurations. Admittedly, those two voicebanks were rushed. A sick append called MACABRE was recorded later on, but it wasn't released until 2018 came by.


In 2018, an announcement was made regarding Mario's new update, said to be the ultimate replacement to his old voicebanks with better configurations and improved samples. It was named TESTAMENT, and was released on October 31. This also marked the discontinuation of his old voicebanks from 2015 to 2017.

There are no plans to record a new voicebank for Mario, although he might receive an English voicebank later in 2019, and a sakura-themed voicebank in 2020.


A reserved young man, Mario is usually not the outgoing type of person. When it comes to strangers, he will limit his interactions with them at first, but if he seems to like that person, he'll warm up to them. 

The more you get to know Mario, he turns out to be very affectionate and gentle. He tends to be the big brother of friends and company, often giving out good advice despite his age. Mario gets flustered sometimes when it comes to his relationships and any related sort of matter. 

ZERO, the “other” side of Mario, is something that he keeps a secret to everyone. Should his patch ever come off, ZERO will take over his body, revealing himself to be a monomaniacal killer. In this state, he holds no sympathy for others as he only lusts for blood and nothing else. Mario keeps ZERO sealed within him by wearing a special patch on his left cheek, and doesn't bring up the topic of ZERO often for the sake of his privacy.

His character item is Doritos. His likes include cats, coffee, warm showers, tea, sleep, bullet hell games, cooking, and F/GO. His dislikes include homework, normies, people who talk shit about him and his twin sister, crowded places, ZERO, being woken up early in the morning, and awkward conversations.


  • 不破 - Fuwa; Discord. It is also part of a mimetic word, "fuwa fuwa", which means fluffy.
  • マリオ - Mario; Hammer. It is a masculine variation of Mary as well.


  • Hair color - Black. Short length.
  • Headgear - Patch on left cheek.
  • Eye color - Blue.
  • Earphones - None.
  • Outfit - Shirt and sweater, long scarf, pants, and boots.


Product Information

Product Information
  Genre: Unannounced  Tempo: 80-250 BPM  Range: B1-C6
  Input: Kana encoded and Kana aliased  Vowels: VCV  System: Microsoft Windows
Package details as noted:
  • This voicebank was recorded for the Japanese language.
  • This voicebank is meant to be a major update to Mario's older voicebanks from 2015 - 2017.
  • It comes with three sets: Core (5 pitches), Power (2 pitches), and Soft (3 pitches). The Core set is activated by default, but the other two sets can be activated by using certain suffixes.
Vocal traits as noted:
  • TESTAMENT has a young masculine voice. However, manipulation of gender flags can make it sound more androgynous or feminine, making it a versatile vocal to use. The voice tone is more consistent compared to his other voicebanks.
  • The overall quality of this voicebank has been greatly improved.
Software issues as noted:
  • Because of the amount of pitches and expressions that this voicebank has and the complexity of it, this voicebank is more suited towards experienced users.
Voicebank sample

不破マリオTESTAMENT sample -

Additional information


Mario's voicebanks are distributed for free. There are no plans for his voicebanks to be distributed commercially.


  • Mario originally started out as a derivative character of Maria Fuwa. Originally, he wasn't meant to be created until his voicer realized that Maria could use a complimentary vocal to sing along with.


Mario has made appearances in UTAUvision 2017 and UHP-CB 2018.



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