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Mario Fuwa (不破マリオ (ふわまりお)) is a voicebank for the UTAU program.


The barista of a cat café, often seen working in that place. Contrary to popular belief, he is easily approachable, but he would rather keep to close friends. Because of this, many people perceive him as an aloof young man.

People who are close to Mario have commented about him acting like a big brother figure. In fact, he's also good with the children unlike Maria. That aside, he's also very blunt with what he says and does not give a care about whether one is offended.

Outside of his job, he often collaborates with his twin sister in building bots and other sorts of things. Not many know that he's an expert in mechanics, perhaps more knowledgeable than Maria.

Etymology details

  • Name: Fuwa (不破) - Discord. Mario (マリオ) - Hammer.
  • Type: UTAUloid (ウタウロイド) - Mario doesn't belong to any specific designation.
  • Other: Makkun (マックン) - His nickname.

Character details

  • Description: Description: Short dark-brown hair. Blue eyes and a pale complexion. Maria is a qilin/kirin, as shown by his horns and tail. His gender is male. He is said to be 18 years old, but outside sources imply he is much older than that. 5'8" tall, weight currently unknown
  • Outfit: Red-mahogany outfit.
  • Likes: Cats, warm showers, peaceful places
  • Dislikes: Large workloads, awkward conversations, chaos, his tail being pulled


  • Maria Fuwa - Twin sister. Is often the target for Maria's shenanigans.

Voicebank details

Voicebank Reclist Range Description DL
MASTEMA v.1.25 Japanese VCV B1~C6 "Multiexpression voicebank, 10 pitches." n/a
ZEPHYR v.1.0 Japanese VCV A#2~G#4 "Calm voicebank, 3 pitches." n/a
ALBEDO v.1.0 Japanese VCV D3~G5 "Light voicebank, 5 pitches." n/a
RANCOUR v.2.0 Japanese VCV A#2~C#5 "Strong voicebank, 5 pitches." TBA

Terms of Use

All the provisions below shall be applied to the voicebank:

  • R-18 Content Allowed? Permission Not Required
  • Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Required
  • Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
  • Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Derivatives of any sort are forbidden
  • Click here to view the full terms of use for this UTAU.



  • Mario originally started out as a derivative character of Maria Fuwa. Originally, he wasn't meant to be created until his voicer realized that Maria could use a complimentary vocal to sing along with.