Basic information

Makoto Sakamoto is a upcoming bilingual utauloid by Jakku-D more information can be found here:

Character Design

Design #1

Short red hair

red eyes

white miniskirt with red stripes

red shirt with white bow

white shoes

Design #2

Short red hair

red eyes

pink maid dress with black stripes

white shoes

Extra Character Relations

Jakku Desusugoi: friend, roomate, fellow yaoi fan

Takoneko: Roomate, Friend

Keito Yamazaki: roomate, friend

Sally Scarlet: roomate, friend, fellow fangirl

Stella Margatroid: Roomate, Friend, fellow fangirl

Axel: Roomate, Friend, Therapy Cilent

Lightning: Roomate, friend, Fellow fangirl

Kai Kim:crush

Kaito: crush

Len Kagamine:crush


Shinta Amaine:Love rival

Sharotti Suki: love rival

Tei Sukkone: idol(but she does not know)


She is a avid yaoi fangirl who supports ships like: Kai Kim x Kaito, Jakku Desusugoi x Kaito, Kai Kim x Jakku Desusugoi, Kaito x Len Kagamine and Jakku Desusugoi x Gachapoid/Ryuto.

she is a deredere girl.

She does the cleaning around the apartment.

she is a therapist.

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