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Makoto Kubo

Makoto Kubo (Makoto; Sincere/honest, Kubo; Long time/old story + protect) is a monopitch CV/VCV Voicebank for the UTAU program.


There are alternate versions of Makoto's design, the latest being the official one. It's inspired by medieval fashion and fantasy character designs.

He has short dark blue hair, part of it is tucked behind his left ear. His eyes are a greyish green and he has very pale skin.

He wears a long purple shirt, which almost reaches his mid-thigh. It's cut at the sides (showing his hips and upper thighs) and has a low/wide neckline. The short sleeves are tucked into long black leather gloves that reach his bicep, while the midsection of it is covered by a black corset. Underneath he wears a pair of tight black linen shorts. His stockings are the same blue as his hair and reach above his mid-thigh (underneath the shirt). His footwear consists of a pair of black leather platform shoes with purple heels. Around his neck he wears a black choker and his ears are stretched.


The creator imagines Makoto's personality to be very dramatic and rather feminine, which is why his clothing almost makes it look like he's wearing a dress and his waist is made to look more defined with the corset. He's also thought to like receiving romantic/positive attention from other men.

But those aren't his set characteristics and he can be interpreted in any way, only his design is official (hair, accessories, body type).


Currently there are one VCV and two CV VBs (the original CV Voicebank has been reworked with better quality and pronunciation and is called 'Makoto Kubo Redo'! The original CV VB is unavailable).

Makoto Kubo VBs (VCV & CV [normal; soft/whisper]): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1fN78hzZvJOoiNU4AwhoBkrWIteYPdDve?usp=sharing

Clarification of status

T.M. won't be releasing any new VBs or videos but will continue to make UTAU covers for personal enjoyment.